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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > confused... questions and possible rambling
Last Post by Gravehearted at 7/31/2007 3:17 PM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline LaraS
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7/31/2007 12:33 PM

Lately, Scout been either peeing or having runny poo on the floor of her cage, away from her litterbox.  I had a diarrhea scare with Scout when I first got her and had given her a little much too apple for a treat, but it doesn't look like the diarrhea she had before.  She doesn't have any mushy poos or a dirty bum (I've cleaned her both times just in case she was dirty, but she wasn't).  All her poos are normal, hard, round pills, and I've been changing her litterbox a lot to monitor how much she's going, and everything is normal.  Before she was litterbox-trained, she peed on the floor a few times, and it was orangish-reddish.  It looks like a watery reddish-brown puddle with a few round pills that are wet in it.  I'm wondering if she peed and it mixed with the poos that were already there. 

If it is urine, why would she pee on the floor of her cage?  About a week ago, she left a small pile of poos (not cecals) right outside of her litterbox.  Is this territorial behaviour, or maybe stress?  It has been limited to her cage, thankfully.  She is eating, drinking, and acting the same, so I'm really scratching my head over this. 

User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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7/31/2007 1:08 PM

If her regular poops are normal, what you saw might be some unformed cecal pellets which sometimes can be mistaken for diarhea.

In regard to the rest of your poopy problems (you're talking to Ms. Poopy right here) get her SPAYED and it should all go away.

Refer to this thread for some good pellet/ dietary recommendations.


User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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7/31/2007 3:17 PM

my bunny Hareiette will pee outside of her box when she's being bratty or trying to tell me it's time to change her box. she also does it to mark her territory. the reddish color isn't anything to be too worried about, it can be due to veggies she ate.

did anything tick her off or change recently? move furniture, someone new came over? it very well could be about making her territory or if she's stressed out

~ bunny mom to to HRH Hareiette, Viktor the crazy Krum and Pandora, prima binky ballerina ~ Save a life, Adopt!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > confused... questions and possible rambling

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