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BUNNY 911 - If your rabbit hasn't eaten or pooped in 12-24 hours, call a vet immediately!  Don't have a vet? Check out VET RESOURCES 

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Last Post by kralspace at 8/03/2007 10:12 AM (11 Replies)
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User is Offline JEFFA
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7/24/2007 10:44 AM

I just got a netherland dwarf doe, Mina, in April, she is now 5 months old.  She will be spayed at the end of August.  For the last 24 hours she has not pooped, just clear and sometimes pink mucous is coming out.   She is urinating fine, eating fine, lots of hay and greens, running and hopping and has no problem with cuddles, love or even with me cleaning her hind quarters.  I first thought it was her anal gland that needed to be cleaned, then I thought it was coming from her vagina since she has not been spayed yet. Now I just do not know, but I do know from what I have read that it is bad if she is not pooping.  I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow, should I be really worried guys?  Does anyone know anything about this?


User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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7/24/2007 11:58 AM

When you called the vet, did you let them know that she has not pooped in 24 hours?  Or was this appointment tomorrow from earlier, before this issue.

I am surprised she is eating even though she hasn't pooped. The problem is that when a bunny's digestive system is blocked or shut down, a rabbit can deteriorate very quickly.  For example, my very first rabbit was fine one day, and the next morning he was completely lethargic, and he died in my arms on the way to the emergency vet.

This is not to scare you, but I would consider it urgent if your bunny has not pooped at all within 24 hours, and I suggest calling your vet asap.


Oh, and WELCOME to the board.  I am sorry about your bunny's issue!  A rabbit savvy vet should have it figured out in no time.

User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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7/24/2007 6:22 PM

no poo and mucus coming out is most likely enteritis and this is an EMERGENCY  Does your vet have an emergency number or clinic?

User is Offline JEFFA
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7/25/2007 3:29 AM

The appointment was with the stand in exotic pets vet since mine is on vacation, it was the soonest that they would give me.  They based it on the fact that she was still jumping around, being affectionate and eating.  She is pooping but it is the mucous with some blood in it so it is pretty bad.  I am very happy Mina will be seeing the doctor in just a few hours.  She was fine this am before I left for work and even took a tear around the bathroom while I got ready for work.  Lets' hope that the doc can help and she feels better asap!  Thanks for your concern!


User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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7/25/2007 6:13 PM
Hello Jeffamac,

Welcome to Binky Bunny - I'm sorry to hear your bun is having problems, and I am glad to hear she is going to the vet - have you heard anything back? The mucous with blood sounds pretty bad...did the vet tell you what was going on?

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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7/27/2007 5:56 PM
Yes, I am curious too. Hope things are okay.

User is Offline x liddo bunny x
Fullerton, California
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7/30/2007 12:28 PM
oh i hope thing are going well. blood is never good. =( you must be worried sick. dont worry. we are all here for you and mina!!! FIGHT!!!!
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User is Offline JEFFA
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7/31/2007 10:56 AM

Hi Everyone,

Mina and I went to the vet and she is absolutely fine.  The vet told me since she is only 5 months old and not spayed yet that it was her uterus getting acclamated with becoming a grown up bunny! She is eating, pooping and binkying all over now!  I am so glad I went to the doctor to make sure, it was pretty scary.  Thank you for all of your concerns too!  I will need to post some pictures of my Mina soon!


User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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7/31/2007 12:19 PM
Good to hear-- did the vet say anything about getting her spayed?

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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7/31/2007 3:20 PM
ooo I'm so glad to hear she's ok, I've never heard of that happening as a rabbit hits puberty. It sounds like your plan is to have her spayed this month, which is a very good idea
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User is Offline Scarlet_Rose
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8/01/2007 2:19 PM

That's such good news! I am so glad that she is OK!

User is Offline kralspace
West, Texas
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8/03/2007 10:12 AM

I'm glad to hear she's in the old days, we would just say, "she's a woman, now!?"

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