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1/21/2009 4:05 AM

The rescue I volunteer for was contacted by a rescue in Italy - please read the email and help if you can!  Warning - the video might not be for everybody Cry....

-----Original Message-----

Hi everybody, I write from Italy.

I am member of a non-profit association called "La Collina dei Conigli"
(www.lacollinadeico nigli.net) which offers a shelter to abandoned rabbits,
rats, mice and other small animals.

We have been working for the last two years in a small town, Faenza, near
Ravenna. There, in a small Park, called "Parco Bucci", people use to abandon
their bunnies, thinking that they will survive. We have been monitoring the
situation, rescue the animals and find them new families.

Suddenly, at the beginning of this year, the Mayor of Faenza gave order to
catch all the remaining rabbits. They have been grouped all together into a
small fence, some of them died during the captures and others are killing
each other in the fence!!

You can see here a video: http://it.youtube. com/watch? v=fp3daroo7LM

We want to know where the bunnies are, how many of them were captured (more
than 100 are missing!!), WHAT THE MAYOR WANTS TO DO WITH THEM.

Please help us, send your protests!! They do not expect an international
interest about the situation, we need to keep them under continuous

You can send your messages to the Mayor (faxes are better because some of
the e-mail addresses have been blocked):

sindaco@comune. faenza.ra. it
Fax +39 0546 691031 or +39 0546 691169 or +39 0546 691169

to the President of the Ravenna District:

presidente@provinci a.ra.it

fax +39 054434388 or +39 0544258014

Local papers:

Il Resto del Carlino
e-mail: cronaca.ravenna@ ilcarlino. net
Corriere Romagna - Edizione Faenza e Lugo Fax +39 0546 27150 e-mail
faenza@corriereroma gna.it La Voce di Romagna Fax +39 0546 662679
e-mail: faenza@lavocediroma gna.com

You can write in English, even short messages like "stop the rabbit
persecution" are enough.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Manuela Riboldi
Lentate sul Seveso (MI)


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