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Last Post by bitterepiphany at 1/07/2009 8:09 AM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline bitterepiphany
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1/06/2009 12:23 PM

I have a quesiton

Right now, we're neither thinking of moving in the near future or of getting a second rabbit. 

However, it is something that, eventually, we'll be looking into.  (Right now, though the time and resources are there, our lives are subject to change significantly over the next 3 years, and I would hate to bring a second rabbit into the situation when I really still haven't a clue what I'm doing with the first one  

What I've been considering, as a "plan" of sorts (cuz I like plans - they make me feel safe and warm )   In approximately two years, M and I will be making a big move.  I say this because he's currently enrolled in an academic problem, whose eventual result will lead him to get a job in a distant, faraway (warm!) land which will mean that the bunny will be packing her little tiny bags and moving cross country with us to a new home that is a completely neutral territory on account of it's newness.  Thus is my question - when we move, would that be the best time to introduce a new rabbit to our little lives since all of the territory will be neutral to both rabbits?  Or would the addition of a fourth family member at that point upset Meco as well.  Or, because there's always a third option, would it be best to bond Meco to another rabbit before the move so she has someone to sustain the scary travels with?  Bonding, I've read, can take months, and knowing that I need to plan a few extra hours a day prior to the move to add another bunny into the mix would signficantly change some of my life plans.

Yes, I know, I am insane.

But, if it would be better to bond her first, then I need to start looking at making a second bun work in THIS space, because in my experience, it took time to find her - and I imagine that, with 3 opinions instead of 2, finding another bun will take even longer.  Plus, I want to buy a couch with my tax returns - and if I have to make two buns work her, I need dimensions

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User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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1/06/2009 1:30 PM

I just recently moved as well, and had the plan too bond two of my rabbits when I moved, however, I found that even though moving has the advantage of providing neutral territory, I just had way to much going on to do consistent bonding during that time. For me, it was easier to go through the bonding process when I was settled because it allowed me to be less stressed while doing the bonding, which I think is very important. You could take advantage of the new house by keeping a certain room a "neutral" room and not letting your bun in there until you are ready to begin the bonding process.

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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1/06/2009 6:01 PM
that's what i was thinking too MooBunnay... keep a room or a couple rooms in the new place off-limits. get her settled, get yourself settled, get "life" figured out (yeah, right! LMAO!) and then you can begin looking for a second. when you're looking for a new place you can keep the needs of two bunnies in mind...
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User is Offline bitterepiphany
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1/07/2009 3:45 AM

Thanks for your opinions!

Our current space is small.   Or, should I say, our current space is limited.  For the two of us, it's enough.  A guest/sewing/craft/bunny room wouldn't suck, but we're OK for now.  But, we have a two story apartment whose entire second story is made up of the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet. So, barring the bathroom and the bedroom closet, we don't have any doors in our apartment. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all attached. With that having been said, Meco has a large cage and a second rabbit, once bonded, could live there as well with some serious cleaning and reconfiguration. It's not that once they're bonded, they'd take up so much space - it's the "before they're bonded" time that would be a problem for us (where to put them that's semi neutral, where to put a second cage, etc...), so it's good to know that waiting until after we've moved is the way to go.

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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1/07/2009 7:53 AM
I hadn't thought of it that way Moo and Beka! I was thinking "oh move, neutral territory etc" but yes, moving is sooo hard on us, the physical work the remembering, the to do lists YUCK

Bitterepiphany-If I can ask- what program is M in that you get to move somewhere warm? I need to get into that program!!

User is Offline bitterepiphany
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1/07/2009 8:09 AM
Lol right!

I never thought he would do it but he signed up for an aeronautical engineering program and there's only one company locally that does anything (they work on the SRB's for the shuttles)...and, since that's not something he's vastly interested in - a move for us it will be

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