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Last Post by poopy at 6/22/2007 10:25 AM (22 Replies)
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Fullerton, California
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6/17/2007 11:51 AM
i have to agree, after the spaying i didnt really need to do much for ,my buns to use the litterbox, they naturally and slowly started to use it more and more i find strays here and there but not many at all. and usually it is near their cage. they onbly have one litterbox in the entire house and they use it well as long as it stays in the same place. they use it when in their cage so they ended up using it when out as well. their food is also always in their cage so after they are done exploring the house they head there to do their business. however i have to say that this began a couple months after the spaying but i think the little period of stress is all worth it in the end. and at first i was panicing after they were pooing everywhere for a while after. calmed down for about 2 weeks now. they now got the run of the living room. =) and will soon be moved to my room as soon as my brother and i clean it and bunny proof it or else they will eat all his college papers. lol
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User is Offline Anita Stark
Ontario, Canada
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6/22/2007 3:49 AM

Just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents worth about the smell and the litter habits.  Sable was always pretty good about using his litter box until he hit puberty and started marking territory around the living room.  At that time his pee also started to smell stronger.

Once he was neutered he went back to his good litter habits and we haven't had any problem with odor.  I still call him "Stinker" but it's only out of habit.

Vinegar does work great for cleanup.  For litter we use a combination of a layer of Mewsprint (store brand Yesterday's News from PetValu) which has baking soda in it and a layer of Carefresh on top for softness.  While he occasionally leaves a poop outside the litterbox but still inside his pen he is very reliable with going to the box to pee.



Sable's Mom

User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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6/22/2007 10:25 AM
Once you get him neutered, he could be pretty close to immaculate. My Medusa free roam my room where there's carpet, and she is IMMACULATE. I have a covered litterbox so that nothing can be kicked out. She always goes in it! Once rabbits are neutered, they can be just like dogs and cats living inside the house and using the potty.
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