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Last Post by bunnytowne at 10/28/2008 3:57 PM (0 Replies)
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10/28/2008 3:57 PM

Well I found the part for my computer to turn it off & on.  I go to put it on.  Doesn't work. Hmm why.  I checked here n there then discovered those dagblasted wires to the on button fell off AGAIN  !!!!!   I was trying to return the guys morse code gadget.  Well off to his house I go computer and all.

He worked on it all last nite. Put the morse code gadget back on it to start it etc.  The darnblasted wires that go to the start button piece are so small  is no way to put them back together again.    Sort of like humpty dumpty.  All the kings horses and all the kings men......

So I got it back today. Same as it was b4.  There will be no more and I mean no more trying to put the right wires to the right button on it again. Just forget it.

So here we are

OH by the way I sat down and put the computer thing on the stand moved some wires and pow  the electricity went off. OH gosh I get flashlight go play with the breaker.  Lights on again.  Sit back down and POW once again. OH gosh. Back up off to the breaker box I go.  Lights on again. Sit back down unplus the wires off that multiple plug in thing and no more POW. 

I looked through the wires where Loopy or Cotton chewed and covered them all up with duck tape.  NO more POW. PLEASE.   So I plug everything in and no power. NOthing works. OH gosh.   Well let me see.... I found another 6 hole plug in  thingy and tried that.

 Everything came on HURRAH  I didn't lose my speakers or keyboard or etc etc.  I had not plugged anything into the piece with the motherboard etc.  So it was LIVE. Hurrah.   And well here I am back on BB first thing.  Hubby is I think sleeping????  OR reading in the bedroom. It is early no sleeping now please.  it is 8:30 pm.  I will go check when I get done here.   1 hr .... 2 hrs... next thing I know 3 hrs.  NO as soon as I submit this I hvae to go check on him.  HOpe he isn't upset I am on computer hehee.

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