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Last Post by kimberleyanddarren at 10/01/2008 1:40 AM (6 Replies)
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User is Offline Starfuzz
Shasta Lake, California
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9/19/2008 8:41 AM


My dearest Flopsy

The last 4 1/2 years have been so wonderful! The joy you brought to your mom and my lives cannot be measured. When she called and said she was bringing home a bunny, I had no idea how much you would melt my heart too. You became entwined in our daily routines as your little self became as much a part of our family as any one member could be.

As we approach the one month date since we lost you, the pain is starting to come back. Your mom and I miss you so much. The house is empty and I look into your corner and weep missing my little girl. I gaze out the window hoping to see an adorable black bunny bounding through the backyard to run into my arms, but I never see you. We love you so much baby girl, you will always be in our hearts. You were our first and will always be the most special.

I will always cherise my memories of you jumping on and sitting on my back, trying to eat my hair as I lay next to you, perching on everything just to see how high you could get. The night before we lost you, you climbed onto the couch with me and we snuggled for the longest we ever had. Only now do I realize you knew what was coming. That night will be my most cherised memory of all.

Flopsy girl, we love you so much and always will. The crying may someday subside, by our hearts longing to have you back in our arms never will.

Your Dad and Mom

Missing our Flopsy and Thumper everyday. We love you baby bunnies!!

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/19/2008 5:24 PM
That is a beautiful tribute! Thank you for coming here and sharing about your girl bun Flopsy, she sounded adorable. Hope you both find the pain lessening and the good memories remaining strong.
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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9/19/2008 10:30 PM
Oh, that was heart wrenching and heart warming all at the same time. I am so sorry for your loss! Flopsy was absolutely beautiful - from the sounds of it, both inside and out. What a character she was. Thank you so much for sharing!

Hugs and healing vibes to her dad and mom!

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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9/24/2008 7:05 AM
awww. that is such a beautiful tribute to an even more beautiful bunny. you have to cherish the moments you had with her, and someday you will look back and only remember the good times.

Binky Free Flopsy!
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User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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9/25/2008 8:07 PM
I'm tearing up, that's a beautiful memorial and what a gorgeous sweety bun. I'm so sorry for your loss. *HUGS*

User is Offline OllieBunnysMamma
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9/28/2008 10:15 AM

Oh gosh! That is so sad. She was so loved. I hope you can find it in your big heart to love another needy bun! Sounds like you are the best parents.


She is beautiful! I just adopted one just like her!

Ollie & Lila
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User is Offline kimberleyanddarren
Birmingham, UK
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10/01/2008 1:40 AM
she is gorgeous, you are very lucky to have known her *binky free*

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