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Last Post by Dee at 9/03/2008 7:04 AM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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8/30/2008 9:50 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have a black mini-Rex male bun, Ludicrous, neutered 2 1/2 weeks ago. Today, I took him to a foster bunny house to pick out a wife. Well on his first date he was awful- jumped the poor female immediately and wouldn't stop humping her! The bunny bonder kept separating them and he would wheel right back, very defiantly, and hop back on for more- I was mortified. Although I had told the bonder how recently Ludicrous had been fized, I still felt foolish since I had proudly announced how he had stopped all offensive male behavior only 3 days after his neuter. We were beginning to think he was just too hormonal to be dating right now.

  He did calm down, however, and was pretty good until he was introduced to a large white bun who apparently brought out the animal in him. He took a nice chunk of fur out of her back while "greeting" her. The bunny he was both interested in and fairly civilized with was a gorgeous black fuzzy lop named Penny. She also has a little white spot on her nose just like Ludicrous- too cute. They got along so well that the bonder let me take them home in the same carrier. Of course as soon as I put them in the car, Ludicrous mounted Penny, but I just reached in and pulled him off and scolded him. Then I backed up rapidly enough to scare any dirty thoughts out of his mind- lol. Theyu were adorable the whole hour-long drive home. Every time Ludicrous turned around, Penny would move so they were facing the same way. There was plenty of switched positions, sitting half on top of each other, and noses twitching, but no aggression.

  Now that they're home, Ludicrous is hopping around freely as always, while Penny is in a cage. The cage is way too small for my liking, but it's just temporary til they bond. Ludicrous has a huge 2X4 cage with a second floor which will house them both once they're bonded. Ludicrous keep going up o the cage looking for Penny, then she goes to the bars of her cage and they touch noses and gaze at each other. He is being so nice to her! I've heard that they can bite each other through the bars, but I can't see them doing that.

  Would the next step be meeting in neutral territory? Problem is, Penny is VERY shy and Ludicrous hates being carried. Getting them to neutral territory could be an issue! I'm tempted just to  close off a small section of the kitchen and try them there- but I don;t want to be too daring and regret it. The more cautious option is bringing them both upstairs to the bathroom or to our bedroom. What do you all think?

User is Offline kralspace
West, Texas
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8/30/2008 1:32 PM
Wow, sounds like quite a date. Don't feel alone, when took my little old bachelor Simba courting, he ran straight to the lady bunny and jumped right on......and stayed there for several minutes while she moseyed about the xpen. It is a bit mortifying...lol

there are so many here with experience to guide you through this, but it sounds like you're off to a great start!

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User is Offline Cassi&Charlie
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8/30/2008 3:13 PM

I would be really certain the territory is neutral because otherwise the bunnies wont react naturally to each other. I'm currently going through bonding as well and my guys were perfect together in neutral territoy and demons in semi-neutral. Vinegar is your best friend so get scrubbing It takes away the smell of bunnies so it can be more neutral. If your introducing them in the kitchen mop the floor with 1/4 vinegar & 3/4 hot water & wipe down the cupboards as well. I noticed it also really helps if you cover the pen with towels or sheets so they can't see out because then they're not sure where they are.
(Sorry Markusdark, I know I'm just repeating the advice you gave to me but it really helped so I'm spreading the news!)

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User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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8/31/2008 8:50 AM
Kralspace- Lol- sounds like our buns have similar attitudes about "first date" behavior. I was surprised at how embarassed I felt for my bun's lack of restraint- like it was one of my kids on a playdate. Of course my kids are 10 and 14 an well past the playdate stage- and I sure hope no humping is going on when they meet someone new!!!

Cassi&Charlie- Thank you for the advice- I will defintely follow it on today's bonding session! I hope all is going well with your bonding buns- isn't it fascinating! And frustrating, and suspenseful, and adorable, and stressful too- lol.

Yesterday I finally let them get together, at the insistence of my husband, who had no idea how vigorous and persistent our little man Ludicrous is with his new wifey. I ran interference between the buns with my hands and a cookie sheet. There didn't seem to be any aggression, and she is a perfect lady with him- but every time he got near her he would kinda start working his way into a mounting posistion- I think! I was so parinoid that I never gave him the chance to actually get anywhere near to mounting. I'm just so afraid that he will get carried away and sink his teeth in and refuse to release her, or she will lose her patience and bite him. Also, she was just spayed on July 28th- just over a month ago- could she be injured if he, um, got too far, so to speak?

So the session only lasted maybe 5 minutes before I got too nervous and separated them. We'll try again today, with a freshly washed floor and a different room. I just wish I knew how much to let the buns mingle. I mean, if humping is just part of bonding and they rarely hurt each other, I'll let em at it. Just how prorective do I have to be? Thanks for any thouhhts or advice,

User is Offline Cassi&Charlie
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8/31/2008 9:01 PM
Dee someone told me they can sense your nervousness - I was paranoid too cause Charlie kept on trying to mount Layla, but wasn't really sure about how to go about it, so ended up humping her side. I don't know whats more embarrissing, having a humping bunny or having a bunny who doesn't really know how to hump but gives it a go anyway.
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User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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9/01/2008 4:02 AM

LOL- I know just what you mean! Watching our poor nervous boys try to hump their beloveds is too pathetic. We had another bonding session today and Ludicrous keeps trying to mount Penny backwards- yikes!! I've read of male buns getting their privates bitten that way, so I immediately grab him by the scruff and remove him. Penny is being a sweetheart to him- she actually huddles down and lets him mount up! I keep plucking him off though, cuz I don't want her to get hurt or begin to hate him. Perhaps I'm being too vigilant though- every time he even chases her, I intervene. And you're right, I bet they can sense how nervous I am for sure. Yesterday my hands were actually a bit shaky afterward!

Anyway, they are both able to lay down and relax in each other's presence (when Lude isn't chasing and humping, that is). And when they meet face-to-face, they sniff in a friendly way. They constantly "kiss" through their cage bars, whether she is in his cage or hers, or he is in his cage. Last night she was running loose, he was in his cage, and she kept running up to rub noses, then flopping down beside the cage so he could have an all-over sniff! Of course as soon as he ventured under her tail, she bolted- such a respectable girl ! When he is loose and she is caged, he spends most of his timelaying devotedly by her cage, waiting for a scrap of affection. My poor pitiful love-struck bun.

My only reservation at this point is- I'm not sure how much I should be interfering with the humping. Basically, is this just harmless behavior as long as she is fine with it? Or is he actually attempting intercourse because he is still so hormone-driven, and could he really hurt her?

Oh btw, it sounds like you're doing great with your buns! They are further along with bonding than my pair. I will check to see if there are any new
developments with your lovebuns.

User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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9/01/2008 4:02 AM
I am also bonding two bunnies right now, and I have a boy that is doing the same thing! In my opinion, it is important to allow Ludicrous to mount for a short time every now and then because what he is doing is establishing dominance in the relationship. When the female is being humped, try to comfort her, I usually keep a hand on Amelia's head so she doesn't turn around and bite Henri who has been mounting her. After a lot of this, don't be surprised if she gets a little irritated and may nip Ludicrous. So try to keep her calm while being mounted and afterwards.

I know how nerve-wracking it can be trying to bond two bunnies! I always get really paranoid and barely let them get near each other, but I know that is counter productive and I have to let them interact. Since the car ride went well for you last time, try starting out a date with a car ride, or I run the vaccuum around the bonding pen if they start getting too feisty. That distracts them from fighting and they usually snuggle for comfort.

Good luck and keep us updated!

User is Offline Cassi&Charlie
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9/02/2008 6:15 PM
Yep the vaccuuming worked for me really well!
Dee, I've been bonding them for 3 weeks so it's going better than I thought but not as good as I'd like.

How are they going now? Has the humping stopped? My problem now is that Charlie chases Layla around and I'm not sure if he's playing or actually aggressively chasing her. Lops aren't ear expressive enough!
If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee -- that will do them in. Bradley's Bromide

User is Offline MarkBun
Richmond, CA
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9/03/2008 6:23 AM

You shouldn't be bonding until after 4 weeks of the neuter. It is possible for your boy to still impregnate someone up to 4 weeks after the operation.
My bonding quest with Maryann - Read about a less than easy bonding with two buns - but they did bond!

User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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9/03/2008 7:04 AM
I'm gonna try to calm down and let Ludicrous have a bit more freedom with Penny (now Nelli- sorry for the confusion but the kids like Nelli better). I'm just so afraid he will hurt her- or that she'll bite off a body part as he climbs on backwards! But I suppose they will never bond if I don't let hem touch- lol. She actually huddle down on the floor when he goes to mount her. I'm not sure if she's just saying "Go ahead, do what you will" or if she's hoping to be groomed. But it's cute, how she's so nice to him.
I hope all is going well with your buns- it certainly is fascinating to watch them bond. And thanks for the vaccum cleaner tip- I will have it ready next time!

Oh good, another successful vaccum user! That dounds like much less trouble than putting them on the washer or in the car- although I do think a car ride is in order soon, just to get them cuddling. It's just that poor Nelli/Penny is SOOO shy and nervous- I hate to upset her. She is finally sitting still for pets and a bit of brushing.
Well we missed yesterday's bonding session- they were both out playing in different parts of the house, but we never got them together. Ludicrous gets very wild at night so it's not the best time for them to bond. He does seem to be calmer when he goes near her cage now though- he still loves to touch noses but he's not as obsessive as he was before. She charges across her pen to greet him- it's adorable. At first I thought it might be a sign of rage, her mad rush toward him, but she gave him a very nice sniff and nose rub so apparently not. You're right, it is harder to tell with lops, cuz their ears don't express much! Nelli does make lots of noises though- she grunts and oinks and squeaks and thumps, unlike Ludicrous, who is the strong silent type.
I hope that your buns are coming right along with their love match!

I've heard that, about males being fertile up to 6 weeks after neutering- that's amazing! Fortunately, Nelli is spayed so we don't need to worry about pregnancy. My concern is more for how recently they have both healed from surgery. Ludicrous was neutered over 3 weeks ago, and Nelli was spayed on July 29th. I read that females can get serious internal injuries if they're mounted too soon after a spay. I'm thinking it said to wait 1 month before letting a spayed female bond with a male- but is that right?
Above all, I don't want either of the buns to get hurt. I have all the time in the world to bond them, it's not worth it to rush. Also, I was wondering- is Ludicrous mounting Nelli just to hump, or is he still so hormonal that he is really going to mate with her if I don't stop him?? Poor Nelli! This is all new to me so excuse my odd questions.
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