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Last Post by kimberleyanddarren at 9/05/2008 10:29 PM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline TARM
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8/28/2008 5:04 PM

I haven't tried bonding any bunnies to each other.  I assume that Tank and Ranger are/will be bonded just because they'be been together since birth.  The bonding I've been working on is with ME.

Tonight I was in pure bunny heaven.  I was cleaning Digger's cage and he ran up to me like he always does.  I was rubbing his forehead, which he LOVES when my daughter called my name.  I left my hand where it was but stopped petting when I turned to look at her and all of a sudden I feel this nose pecking my hand.  He wasn't done with his head rub!  I stopped cleaning, scooped him up, and sat down with him on the couch...where I got 25 uninterrupted minutes of lap bunny goodness.  He licked me!  And after a few minutes he was laying in my lap with his eyes only open about 1/4 of the way.  He never once made a move to try to get down.  He did dig at me a little and nip my shirt (I think he was trying to scrunch me like a but once he settled in he was happy to let me run my hands all through his fur.

After I put Digger back in his cage I got 10-15 minutes of lap time (or shoulder time in Ranger's case) with each of the babies.  That was almost an HOUR of lap time!  I hope tonight wasn't just a fluke.  I hope I can spend quiet time like that with them a couple times a week.  I know bunnies like to run and play but today they were all practically begging to be held.  The babies each came over to me while I was sitting on the couch and stood up with their little paws on my pant legs.

I just had to share, especially since Digger has been feeling so crappy the last couple of days.  It's good to know he still loves me.

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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8/28/2008 7:47 PM
Awww that's so great!!! He definitely loves you if your good enough for grooming/kissing!!

User is Offline osprey
Los Altos, California
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8/28/2008 8:22 PM
You got a nosepoke too! I think it is so funny when they nosepoke you. Curly Sue is a champion nosepoker, she'll do it to get more pets or to try to get you to move out of her way. Sounds like a wonderfully cuddly evening!

User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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8/29/2008 4:11 AM
Awww - I think the thing I love the most about nose pokes is that its a way for our bunnies to "talk to us" - although, I think what they are "saying" is not so nice, probably something like "gimme some more gosh darn head pets!" or "get out of my gosh darn way!" - though, depending on the personality of the bunny you have, it might be more or less rude than that....

User is Offline Ang
Auburn, WA
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9/04/2008 12:03 PM
lucky you got a nose poke! i get a bite if i stop!
and he doesnt warn he just comes full blown and chomps
I love my Moreland!

User is Offline kimberleyanddarren
Birmingham, UK
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9/05/2008 10:29 PM
aw thats lovely!

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