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Last Post by kimberleyanddarren at 8/23/2008 3:15 AM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline cvkevents
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8/21/2008 6:20 AM

I have a great little one year old Holland Lop bunny that is tons of fun. I try to provide everything for him and make sure that he is truly loved. I know there is lots of information about how two bunnies are better than one, but I am still not sure. Theodore (the bunny) is really active, loves to run up and down his cardboard castle and just be a bunny. He has the company of a well behaved cat and puppy. He actually bosses them around!


 I am working with a rescue group, to see if we can find him a girlfriend, but I am not sure how another bunny is going to change the dynamics of our house. Like I said before, the cat and dog are great with Theodore, then are extremely careful with him and he doesn't mind them at all.


Do you think that a adventuresome bunny would enjoy the company of a female?? Thanks so much!

User is Offline TARM
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8/21/2008 7:07 AM

When it comes to bunnies I believe that more is better!  Absolutely get another bunny! 

Seriously though, many people believe in having bonded pairs.  I personally try to have bonded trios with all of my pets.  I have three ferrets, I now have four rabbits but only two are bonded so far.  The reason I go for trios is because when one of them dies, which they all will at some point, the two left behind will have each other and will weather that storm more smoothly.  Another third can then be brought in to make them a trio again.

User is Offline rabbitsmba
Mississauga, ON, Canada
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8/21/2008 7:52 AM
Without a doubt, bunnies are MUCH happier in pairs. But remember, you can't just throw two bunnies together, they must go through the bonding process first. Watching two bunnies in love is the most magical thing of all!

User is Offline MarkBun
Richmond, CA
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8/21/2008 11:10 AM
There are some buns who prefer to be alone. I had to twist Maryann's paw behind her back to finally get her to be with a boy bun. But I did this because I was at home less and less and I felt she really needed a friend.

The important thing is do you think you can handle another bun? The costs of vet bills and all that sort of stuff. If so, then you might think about getting another bun. But, as an FYI, buns can bond with any animal and perhaps your dog and cat are enough of friends for him.

My bonding quest with Maryann - Read about a less than easy bonding with two buns - but they did bond!

User is Offline cvkevents
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8/21/2008 12:40 PM
Thanks so much for all the information. Theodore loves to boss everything and anything around. He even tries to chase the dog, and it outweighs him by 20 lbs. My bun is already neutered and the rescue bun would be spayed, what other vet costs are there? I am looking at space as an issue. My bun lives in a nice cage, but not big enough for two! Theo does get free roam of the bottom floor of the house, and I have thought of a pen, but I don't want to have a whole room just for my bun. We will have to see.

Still undecided.

User is Offline kimberleyanddarren
Birmingham, UK
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8/23/2008 3:15 AM
i think it relly depends on you, i have 2 becasue i would hate to think of hopscotch alone all day so i got daxter but now i love having two bunnies as its so much fun to watch their antics, do u think you would benefit from having to? can you afford it? do you have the time?

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