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Last Post by BunMumTiff at 6/05/2007 3:48 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline DAWN8940
Perth, Western Australia
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5/03/2007 10:17 PM

Can you go into CHAT anytime and chat online to other bunny mums? 

Or is it open at specific times?

No-one is ever in there when I pop along online 

User is Offline cookie627
Naperville, IL
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5/04/2007 5:07 PM
same here
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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5/04/2007 8:20 PM

Yes you can chat at anytime there with anyone. You can set up a time with people if you want.  

I  had planned to set up scheduled chats, and I am so sorry for the delay!  But there is a bug where it will just stop working for no reason, and you have sign out and sign back in, plus, there is a problem with it where you can't see the chat you will be gettting involved with, so for example, if a few people are chatting, you can't see their history, so you have no idea what has been discussed when you first enter the chat. 

These are big problems especially if we were going to have a scheduled chat about a particular subject.   So I have to delay the scheduled chats.  To make a long story short...well I am waiting for the company that provides our software stuff to provide another update (we usually get them 4 - 6 times a year)   The latest one was supposed to be available last month(which was supposed to fix those problems)  but it is delayed.   I hope no more than a couple more weeks.

Right now a few people schedule times among themselves to meet and chat there, which is what you can do now - you just have to deal with the funny bugs.     In the future, this is something you will always be able to do outside of the scheduled chats - it should just be a better chatroom soon.


User is Offline Sean
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5/12/2007 6:21 AM
i went in the chatroom once lol but no one was there

User is Offline BunMumTiff
Brampton Ontario
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6/05/2007 3:48 AM

I was in the chat yesterday evening there was about 7 o us. But yes it would freeze, you couldnt see what was being said but at the start of it, it was nice to have a little chat


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