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Last Post by skunklionshow at 6/07/2007 11:44 AM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline jellyrose
Huntington Beach, CA
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5/03/2007 9:24 AM
Does anyone know if rabbits can have allergies? We have had some problems with Edward sneezing- has been on 3 different antibiotics and he was much better. Then last week I got some cord covers to replace the $1 ikea ones I have (they are a bit chewed)... I got the ones that smell of citrus. They were just in the bunny room, I'd not put them over the power cords yet but his sneezing came back and he had a bit of a wet nose (just clear, not yellow or anything), but a lot of sneezing, like little sneezing fits. Josephine has not been affected at all and now I've taken the cord covers outside Edwar seems much better... only 1 or 2 sneezes last night. I will ask the vet as I have to taken them for phase 2 of the mite treatment! Just thought someone out there might know

User is Offline xxtinkxx
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6/06/2007 11:19 PM
not allergies the "sniffels" if there outside or in a garage or in a drafty place edward will be protecting josephine from the draft so lucky her wont be drafty him on the other hand will the vet should know this and not be giving you antibiotics for him thats just a reason to get money so try and keep them in a different place and give plenty of bedding!!

User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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6/07/2007 8:30 AM

I have some baby bunnies right now with the sneezes - they were on Bactrum and now are on Baytril.  From what I've heard from other rescuers is that the sneezes without discharge is usually allergies - but if there IS discharge that it may be some type of sickness.  However, since my buns have been on TWO medicines, I am going to also check on what Tink recommended and make sure my babies are in a warmer place - because its "Big Baby" thats sneezing and now "Teeny Baby" as much - so maybe Big Baby is trying to protect Teeny and keeping her warmer? My house isn't all that chilly, but there could be a draft in the evening. 

User is Offline skunklionshow
City of Brotherly "Shove"
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6/07/2007 11:44 AM

My cat was just diagnosed w/ allergies.  He takes a kitty claritan like pill daily.  We found out it was allergies due to:  redness between the eyes and ears, loss of 2 complete claw nails, and occassional sneezes.

I understand that animals w/ shortened snouts and close noses (bunnies, guinea pigs, pugs, etc) can be prone to sneezing bouts and upper resp infections due to the shortened snout.  Hope that made sense?

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