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7/28/2008 5:06 AM


Hey everybunny - sad to see that many of our internet friends who talked about coming down for Christmas in July didn't make it- but we still had a nice turnout, with GREAT food (thanks everybody for your help!)

We met some wonderful bunnies, our fosters got lots of love and attention, there was much bunny education, a chance for our fosters and volunteers to mix and mingle... and at least two adoptions have come out of the event - plus we raised almost $1000, and were able to fix a whole bunch of bunnies, including having Cosmo's horribly bad teeth pulled. Cosmo has recovered wonderfully from his neuter/teeth pull. We also got our oldest female bunny's blood work done, and six year old Sweet Pea came through her spay - AND went home!!  We were also able to neuter and treat our severe neglect case, Nathan, who came to us as a stray, beat up, cut up and badly sore and battered - he is now snipped, healthy, and waiting for his forever family patiently!!!

We're very excited about everything that's going on right now, we've gotten so many bunnies fixed, that we ought to be operating in the black now -each adoption boosts our bank account so that we may continue doing a tremendous amount of surgeries, and helping keeping the county kill-free. We have currently pulled over 150 bunnies out of shelters, animal control situations, strays, and owner surrenders since November of 2007 in South Florida, and we've got 58 bunnies in foster care from Miami, FL all the way to Plant City!

We've got big plans for a Halloween Haunted Open House in October, so keep your eye on the prize - it's definately gonna happen!

We thank you guys for your ongoing support, and we're planning two big things:

1) Our "Paw Prints" newsletter is going out soon - so if you like mail and love bunnies, please email:
Colin@littlemiraclesrr.org and send him your name and snail-mail address so we can get you a newsletter in the next week or so!!

2) We're fundraising for Beckett, our poor boy w/ coddiosis (a nasty smelly parasite) and very bad teeth. Poor Beckett is on daily fluids, three medications, and his food is $11 for 5 lbs, which he (thankfully!) is plowing though. We need Beckett to put almost a full lb back on his body weight before he can go in for neuter / teeth pull surgery. His total vet care since arrival will end up costing over $400, and we have a "Chip in" event going right now - you can help (with even just $5 or $10) by visiting Beckett's website: http://littlemiracles.chipin.com/beckett



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