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Last Post by Graeme27uk at 7/27/2008 1:11 PM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline Graeme27uk
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7/27/2008 12:33 PM

Yes ok its not me despite what other say... this concerns my bunnies.

Two of our three bunnies seem to have had a falling out. Cookie and Frosty. Frosty is being the aggressive one charging Cookie if she walks near. However the thing I don't understand is that they will still wash each other, feed with each other and lay next to each other, but it seems to be on Frosty's terms.

Is this Frosty just exerting his manliness and domineering Cookie?
Is it because Frosty is a bit older and bigger than Cookie?

Cookie can sometimes wind Frosty up by trying to steal his food or jumping/binkying into him. Could this be annoying him (he is a very lazy bunny mostly)? 90% of the time they are fine with each other, its the 10% I worry about. Any advice would be useful.

Smudge, the third bunny is happy with both bunnies and just keeps out the way if they start being "nasty". Smudge loves everyone.

Frosty is a neutered 1 year (ish) male dwarf lop. He has been with Cookie for over a month now and they were getting alone fine. This is why we put them together after we were sure they liked each other and were bonded. But recently just over the past week or so his behaviour has changed and he randomly charges her with grunting and growling. This is very unlike him as he is usually very docile and a big ladies man.

But then he goes to the other extreme licking Cookie all over, laying next to her, bringing her food, etc... all the lovey-dovey stuff.

I just dont want to have to split the three of them up as Smudge has bonded really well with both and it would upset her to split one of them apart.


How do I rekindle the love!?

User is Offline rabbitsmba
Mississauga, ON, Canada
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7/27/2008 12:49 PM
What's the history on these three? Which two were bonded first? Is Smudge a new bunny?

Sometimes bonded bunnies will fight if one of them feels threatened by another bunny. It sounds like Smudge might be creating a bit of jealously for somebunny. What are their sexes and are they all altered?

User is Offline Graeme27uk
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7/27/2008 1:11 PM

Bunny History

First came Smudge, we had her "altered" as we didn't want a hormonal bunny with all the reprocusions that that has. Bit more research and my love of lops and we soon got Frosty a few months later. We had him done so that his hormones are less of an issue. So both were neutered, both eventually bonded and bunny bliss ensued. Lots of love for months and months.

Cookie will be "altered" as soon as she is old enough to remove her hormonal urges.

Frosty isn't the most affectionate bunny, though he will occassionally lick Smudge if she pushes him. Seeing as Smudge adores attention and lots of love we made the decision to get another bunny (another female). Hence along came Cookie.

We had issues bonding them, but after weeks spent in the bathroom together, on their own, etc.. shampooing the carpets in the bunny room, descenting everything, getting new toys and loads of other stuff, we had them all cuddled up and licking each other.

So we put them all in the bunny room and went to bed to sleep (worried). Everything was fine, woke up and they were cuddled up. Smudge seemed in heaven with another bunny to lick and Cookie was licking her so all was happy. This is how things were for almost a month.

Recently though Frosty seems to have taken a strong dislike for Cookie. At times if she goes near him he charges her and growls and grunts. We have had to intervien one or two times...

The things that don't make sense:

Frosty and Cookie will happily feed from the same bowl and drink the same water.

Frosty and Cookie will cuddle up with each other, even sharing the same box to flop in at times.

Frosty will lick Cookie's head or ears if she nuzzles him.


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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > I'm confused (linked to other post)

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