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Last Post by MooBunnay at 7/22/2008 4:06 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
Forum Leader
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7/21/2008 8:49 PM

Just you guys use your voices when you have bonding sessions?

I use my really angry voice "NO!!" when they make their angry 'I'm going to bite face, and use a very calm voice to say 'gentle-good Rupert that's nice' etc etc...and I found it really helped out. The sharp no would always stop a not too aggressive nip, and always stopped humping...Do you guys talk to them?

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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7/22/2008 5:54 AM
i would praise Meadow quite a bit when she was good. Max was new of course, so i don't know how much my voice affected him, but Meadow was definitely used to my loving voice (and my angry voice... lol!)

if she would hop up to Max and look at him and then hop away, i would say in my sickeningly sweet baby talk voice "good girl Meadow!" i was really praising her for not biting, not lunging, just basically ignoring him. if she would hop up and make a little lunge i would say "NOOO!" and give her a small squirt. sometimes she would be sitting, and Max would hop past her. if she did not chase, she'd also get praise.
Meadow..... Photobucket ...... Max, my angel bunny

User is Offline Ana
Seattle, WA
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7/22/2008 2:45 PM
I always talk to my animals, they are my number one companions. I had a guinea pig I talked to during bonding, which not only helped, but became very useful when he went blind and a lot became based off my voice. I speak softly to my bunny now. I heard they can be name-trained, and her previous owners thought that she was.

User is Offline JodiM
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7/22/2008 2:53 PM

Oh yes! I totally talk to my bunnies. And yes I agree to some extent the sharp NO! can break up a fight.  But I' have also witnessed my Yelling NO and they continue to be on attack mode.  I guess it really depends on the buns and the situation.


User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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7/22/2008 4:06 PM
I attempt to talk to my bunnies...I read to them every day and they like to loaf and listen with one ear on me. The word "NO" however, rarely has any effect - they will stop what they are doing just long enough to look at me, decide if I am actually going to get up and stop them from what they are doing, and if I am not, they just continue until I actually DO get up! So basically, my bunnies (like my husband) have selective hearing
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > A thought on voices...

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