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Last Post by bunnytowne at 6/25/2008 11:28 AM (0 Replies)
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6/25/2008 11:28 AM

I was with the girsl yesterday and nora kept coming to my head either grooming my hair or giving me a hair cut probably thinking ahaaaa you made me look funny cutting my hair now it is my turn to chomp yours all funny ahahaha she is so affectionate but gosh it hurts and leaves bruises  I keep squealing I think she got it now phew I hope so us humans are delicate girl she just purrs away

oh we passed inspection no problem hubby went to brush his hair in the b athroom and they knocked at the door he stayed in there and the guy ask wheres your animals I said he is here and he already saw my bathroom when they came for the a/c cleaning so he already knew Nora was in there heheeh said we passed ahhh I stressed out for a week over this and was nothing go figure waste of my time to stress out over this. we both worked hard to get stuff off the porch and clean frigie etc. and they look in there too and the oven to make sure people clean. thats good tho anyways

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