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Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 11/28/2008 12:03 AM (98 Replies)
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User is Offline Liza
San Diego, CA
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5/18/2008 4:32 PM
I am sitting here in tears, crying for you, crying so maybe I can take a little of the pain off your heart.
I am so deeply sadened your beloved girl was called by the angels. You know, the angels up there need baby rabbits too sometimes. She was so young... only ... around 2.5 or so? I am so very sorry, it is hard to find words of comfort.
Please remember that goodbye is not forever.
One day, you will be reunited and then you will hop around together in RainbowLand, from fluffy cloud to fluffy cloud in healthy bodies, worry-free and forever young.
As hard as this is, you need to be strong now for Kahlua. I find this is the worst part of having to let them go: to see the ones left behind here on earth mourn for the departed ones. You need to give her comfort and be strong for her. Everything is going to be all right...
One day, you will be able to think of Kokanee with a big smile and your heart will get all warm and fuzzy and you will have goosebumps all over and you will feel so very close to her - and that is when Kokanee will prove to you that she will always be your very special girl, never too far away from her loving mom and dad and her oh so beloved sister Kahlua.
Love never ends.
All the love you have given to Kokanee is shared right now with those who were not as fortunate as she was. Those who have never gotten the chance to experience true love. Kokanee is sharing all the comfort and joy and happiness you have given her.
My heart goes out to you.
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Our angels in heaven, we will always love you!

User is Offline kralspace
West, Texas
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5/18/2008 5:35 PM
OMG, I just got on here today and found this thread, I am so very sorry about dear Kokanee, I know she was a very beloved bunny. I'm crying so hard from reading your wonderful story I can hardly type and I don't know what to type except I am so sorry. I will light a candle for her wonderful soul.

((((soft bunny hugs))))) Kathy
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User is Offline allenj1
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5/18/2008 5:42 PM

We are thinking about you ... you've been so supportive during my trials w/ Boston and in the beginning i was always worried that one day i would get up and boston would be gone, i can't imagine how i would feel if it really strong, we send our love


User is Offline Jyka
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5/18/2008 10:14 PM
Oh No, so, so sorry. That's so awfully sad. Darlin little Kahlua grooming her...she was not alone. She was definately a favourite on here...very upsetting. Why, why, why do these beautiful animals have to be so fragile?
Again, so sorry.
Jyka (Jess)

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5/19/2008 4:30 AM


"Change a life , Change the world."

User is Offline Sage Cat
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5/19/2008 6:51 AM
I am completely shocked. I just found this this morning. I am so sorry that little Konkanee has gone.

I have never heard her story before. Thank you so much for sharing it!

She was truly a beloved bunny! She is in all of our harts.
Bun - Buns!

User is Offline Nicci607
Georgia, USA
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5/19/2008 7:13 AM

OH NO!!!

I have been gone over the weekend, and just logged on here, reading the bad news!! I'm fairly new to this Forum, but my heart just dropped, when I read this!! oh no!! I am soooo TRULY sorry for your loss!! that is just totally devastating!! I'm just crying right now, and don't have no words...I'm sending you ALL MY LOVE!!!

I'm sooo sorry...(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


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~Mahatma Gandhi~

"The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~Mahatma Ghandi~

User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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5/19/2008 7:58 AM
I'm so sorry! I can't imagine how you must feel.

Maybe she came to you to teach you about bunnies, and now you are here to share your learning with us? If so, she did a bang-up job!

User is Offline Lagomorpheus
Washington, DC
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5/19/2008 9:45 AM
My condolences to you K&K - I know how heartbreaking this must be for you. It makes me scared for my own 'bits to hear about your loss. I wish you the best.

User is Offline Cadbury
Ellicott City, MD
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5/19/2008 1:02 PM
I always loved coming on here and seeing what the little diva Kokanee had been up to. I will miss reading about her antics. Hang in there, K&K, and know that Kokanee had a very happy life with you! She was a very lucky bun!
The cutest thing I've ever seen - a bunny yawning.

User is Offline JodiM
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5/19/2008 1:59 PM

I am so sad for you! I don't even know what to say really. but I want you to know that we are all here for you! It's so heartbreaking to lose a pet.
Thank you for sharing kokanee's story with all of us, I am sure it was hard for you to write, but at the same time I hope it helped to talk about it.
I just love everyones saying around here when one of our pets passes.  so....

***(((((Binky Free Kokanee)))))***

((((((((sending lots of hugs your  way)))))))


User is Offline belleandferdinand
Mill Valley, California, USA
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5/19/2008 8:05 PM

So sorry to belatedly hear your news.. when Ferdinand was sick back in December and was sent to happy bunny endings, it was v. painful, but I can't imagine the shock you've been through - hopefully all the messages are helping you out. Like many others have said, just giving Kokanee a short but happy (and spoilt!) life means so much and you shoud never forget that. I had Ferdinand for just over a year (he'd been at SaveABunny and who knows where else before me), but he was such a happy rabbit and I always have to remember that. Knowing Ferdie, he's happily nuzzling up with Kokanee up there right now

Belle and Cornelius (and Ferdinand from bunny heaven)

User is Offline DAWN8940
Perth, Western Australia
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5/19/2008 10:22 PM

Dear Sweet Girl ... such a sad time ... Big Hugs.

Little Kokanee ... A beautiful bunny ... she will always be near you.

User is Offline bunnytowne
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5/20/2008 4:09 AM

thank you for the story awe I am so sad. that bun was such a big personality in your lives.  she was a wonderful character. I know she is sorely missed by all of you. it hurts to lose a companion  it is good to know she is feeling no pain and doing her binky's and making wondrful bun friends where she is now. I know animals go to heaven I am sorry that she is gone. take care all of you.

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User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
Forum Leader
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5/20/2008 5:42 AM

Thanks everyone. Your words and thoughts have helped more then you could know. I logged in alot this weekend.

We buried Kokanee on Saturday, in my parents garden. We wrapped her up in her blanky, fabric I'd bought when I made pillows and blankets for her, when she was having trouble staying dry when she was sick. We buried her inside her cat condo, that she loved so much and spent her last day inside. She came out of the condo at the end, and stretched right out. She is forever in a bunny flop position. We planted marigolds for her, on her grave site, as she loved eating them.

Kahlua seems to be doing OK. I think being with her in her final moments helped her know that she is gone. Neither Kahlua or Rupert have been back in their cage since. I can't bring myself to clean it up yet, and attach all the levels. We've let them out loose together and now they are sleeping within inches of each other. I think soon they'll groom and then they can share a house. He's nipped her a few times, but she's being very submissive and I think things are really progressing.

I can't say all this has been good on the diet...I pretty much lived on chocolate ice cream all weekend...I'm not even a person who uses chocolate or treats to help me through tough times, or so I thought. It was a very very trying weekend. I keep tearing up and getting a terrible lump in my throat. I buried my best friend this weekend.... Dave has been really really supportive, even feeding/watering/cleaning up after Rupert and Kahlua.


Here's some of my favorite pictures of my lovely Kokanee


[script removed]y1plJAzPIkJn_SRWfTs4jO19kqUx0f_rMdq.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]Img_0521.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]Img_0232.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]Img_0441.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]Img_0439.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]IMG_0143.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]IMG_0068.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha


[script removed]October20907pics039.jpg picture by kokaneeandkuhluha

User is Offline JK
Mill Valley, CA
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5/20/2008 6:01 AM

Such incredibly sweet pictures.  What a lovely little memorial you had for her. This is such a hard thing to go through.  Time does heal to some extent.  I hate that lump in the throat but that eventually goes away.  I'm glad the other two have each other.  Maybe that's why Rupert actually was meant to be! Hang in there.

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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5/20/2008 6:21 AM
beautiful pictures.
Meadow..... Photobucket ...... Max, my angel bunny

User is Offline babybunsmum
Waterloo ON Canada
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5/20/2008 6:38 AM

yes, beautiful pics of your elegant kokanee.  ((((((hugs))))))

I like work. It fascinates me. I sit and look at it for hours.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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5/20/2008 9:19 AM
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry! I feel terrible I haven't posted all weekend and I missed this post. My heart goes out to you. I'm in tears reading about your sweet little bunny.She was so beautiful. You are the best best friend that bunny could have ever had.
Proud to be a Bunny Hugger and a voice for the voiceless

User is Offline kimberleyanddarren
Birmingham, UK
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5/20/2008 9:51 AM
aw i hope u are holding up well K&K i am so sorry for your loss and she really was gorgeous

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