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Last Post by BB at 3/19/2007 6:14 PM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline FuegaNetsah
Eagle Point OR
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3/12/2007 2:12 PM


     I am not sure what to do or think about this problem. Calil and Oren are not spending the night together yet. I was waiting to see how the bonding went and maybe get her spayed first before building up a nice pen for them.

The bonding is going great btw, they go everywhere together, play kissy face, and do very disney cute things. Seriously, if I pick her up and take her into another room he will follow me and stare. Yes, there is a bit of jealousness there. My bunny boy is not giving me the licking and wanting to be hugged anymore because he is in bunny love. They grow up so fast.

Anyway, I have an issue. They are free roaming buns during the day, only caged during my bed time. They take meals in his cage. She is not using the litter box at night and just taking a pee in his cage during dinner. Not during lunch, not around the house, not in her own cage when she is in there at night, but just during dinner in his cage. What is up with that???? He doesn't seem to mind much, but I do. Help.


User is Offline manicbunny
south central KY
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3/12/2007 3:35 PM
territory thing?? you think?

User is Offline FuegaNetsah
Eagle Point OR
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3/14/2007 8:50 AM
Maybe it is..i am not sure. Does anyone else have any ideas????? AT ALL

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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3/14/2007 9:34 AM
I agree with manicbunny - since she's marking in HIS cage, it's all about marking the territory. she's a sneaky girl, since clearly she has a plan! I am betting once they're fully bonded she's stop doing it. Bunnies can spay for different reasons too, like stress, but with this case, I am betting my money on a territory war.

I have a bonded pair and a solo bun. The 2 feet between their houses is bunny territory war zone. I swear they all save up their poops for when they come out so they can poop there! There are two litterboxes, yet they are still fond of pooping (and weeing at least once a week) there! a spray bottle of vinegar works wonders though with the wee.
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User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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3/14/2007 1:16 PM
i found that simple green cuts the smell and the stickyness of the pee really well. I didn't reilize that my bunnies peed outside of their boxes in the first week of being home together. They were tricky... both of them sprayed PAST their cage, behind the cage so I couldn't see it...

so ya, simple green..

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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3/19/2007 6:14 PM
Unfortunately, until they are fully bonded, this kind of marking may continue.    I also second the vinegar use to get clean the urine and get rid of any residual smell that only the bunnies can smell.   I use a vinegar & water mix (50/50)
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