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Last Post by BB at 3/19/2007 7:20 PM (10 Replies)
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User is Offline FuR ThE LuV oF PeTs
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3/03/2007 5:04 AM
What cages do you all have? Pics??

User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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3/03/2007 6:00 AM

If you click Bunny Info at the top and look under Cool Habitats there are pictures of a bunch of different types of cages people have bought or made.

Carrera 6yo Mini Rex
Pookie 5yo Dwarf
Cooper 2yo old Mini Lop
Hooper (Hooptie) 2yo Mini Rex

User is Offline jacki fullerton
San Francisco
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3/03/2007 9:44 AM
Hi britty-mae, it looks like you have lots of different animal friends who live with you. I love the picture with their names, cute. Noble has free roam of the house when I am home. When I go out, and at night, he stays in an X-pen. He is litter box trained, so while he is out, he goes back to his pen to do his business and eat.

User is Offline FuR ThE LuV oF PeTs
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3/03/2007 1:51 PM
Jacki~ I cant wait till Roxi and Mitzy are able to roam like that!! They are not litter trained yet Mitzy does really well until Roxi is with her... They are both young so after they get spayed maybe it will be better...

User is Offline dmh426
Syracuse, New York
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3/03/2007 5:27 PM
I have a two floor Super Pet condo with a puppy play pen around it. veeeerrrrry roomy.

User is Offline nitetygress
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3/05/2007 9:34 AM
I have a cage in a 8 pannel 2' wide wire pen around it. She can run around in except at night when she's in her cage =)
Proud mommy of Cassandra Bella aka "Cassy" the mini rex and her Husbunny Alexander the Netherland Dwarf/Hotot Mix

User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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3/05/2007 7:20 PM
pics of my Fujoe's cage have just been loaded into the cool habitat section of the website...

we don't have any pictures of Patina's cage.. it's right next to Fujoes, though not as big.. we just split the xpen in two and cage them up seperatly during the night, and use it as a barrier during the day. hopefully someday they will have a castle.

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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3/06/2007 8:17 PM
Viktor & Pandy's house is posted in the cool habitats too :-)
~ bunny mom to to HRH Hareiette, Viktor the crazy Krum and Pandora, prima binky ballerina ~ Save a life, Adopt!

User is Offline CowieCow
Golden, CO
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3/14/2007 5:31 PM

I just got my bunny a new cage this past x-mas, my boyfriend helped me put it together. Its pretty spacious, and she absolutely loves the second level, it was pretty easy to do once we figured out exactly what to do. But check it out. She really likes it, sometimes she doesn't even come out when I leave the door open, and she has plenty  of room to stretch out and just chill.


User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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3/15/2007 11:33 AM

Hi CowieCow, i love the pic of your bunny all stretched on his second floor! He looks very happy

My bonded bunny pair, and boy fuster bun have the Organize-It cube cages, they are so much fun to design and re-design!

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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3/19/2007 7:20 PM
Nice!!!  Also, I love that cute picture inside of your profile page.  So cute!
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