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Last Post by KOKKINIKLOSTI at 3/01/2007 2:35 AM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline bobey miah
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2/28/2007 6:07 AM

Hello all,

Miah is going on an adventure as we are moving house!! Does anyone have any ideas on how i can keep her calm and how to introduce her to her new surroundings??

We also have a problem in that the house we are currently living in has laminated wood floors BUT the new house has carpets!

Miah has always had her own room with the laminated floors and has never had to deal with carepts. I am worried that she may start to dig them up or use them as her litter tray.

I would be really greatful for any ideas.

Thanks, Sophie and Miah x

User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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2/28/2007 8:45 AM
I doubt she will have a problem. Both mine have went from laminate to carpet (school residence to parents house) fine. They both preferred the carpet because they could run faster. I found that with Medusa ALOT of her personality came out because she felt more comfortable on carpet. She is like a totally different bunny when she's on the laminate (totally withdrawn, shy). On carpet she is more perky, jumpy, and playful. I suggest when you introduce her to her new room that the first thing she sees is her litterbox (you can actually put her directly in the litterbox straight out of the carrier) so that she knows thats her bathroom.

User is Offline BB
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2/28/2007 10:09 PM

Some bunnies do chew on carpet.  My two females could have care less about the carpet, but Jack loved to chew on the carpet.    Check out the home proofing section for tips.    Is the new house brand new?  I mean if there was another animal there, there is a possibility that a bunny may mark over any old scent.   Keep club soda, and a 50/50 white vinegar and water mix to treat bunny accidents.

Carpets are great though for bunnies as they can run full blast, and do the most incredible binkies!

I  do suggest you start small.  Don't give her complete freedom right away. The two females wanted to explore right away, but with Jack it took him two months, and that was with me making him. 

 If you have a pen, then just make sure to try and keep it arranged inside the same way.  Allow more freedom gradually so she understand what is "HER" space and what is the rest of the family's space - this will help make sure Miah maintains her litterbox habits.

Levadeia, Greece
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3/01/2007 2:35 AM
I don't think they will have much of a problem either, but keep a close eye on them because new house=new noises, and that may upset them! Also, if you had a play pen you can put their stuff in the same position they were in your old house!
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