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Last Post by dmh426 at 2/20/2007 2:18 PM (7 Replies)
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User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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2/18/2007 7:22 AM
Patina!! Fujoe's new girlfriend! well, kindof... So her name at the shelter was Dana, but I really think that's she's a Patina. I have them next to eachother as far as cages goes... We are bonding them, but Fujoe still has a lot of hormones in him. He gets so excited that he mounts her continuously. We'll see what happens..

But she's so cute and tiny- she's even more angry than Fujoe.. she's always thumping- I love it.  She has a tiny little growl/grunt too.. but oh does she melt during a petting session.. I think she's the most dissaproving rabbit in the world.. even more so than Fujoe!


User is Offline osprey
Los Altos, California
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2/18/2007 7:33 AM
Fujoe and Patina has a certain ring to it!  Congatulations and good luck!

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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2/18/2007 12:04 PM
AWW, she's cute.  Welcome home Patina!  How does she react to Fujoes mounting?

Along with his hormones, it could be part of his dominant nature to mount for dominance. She may even try it on him.    If she seems to take it for a little bit, then if she will allow you to pet her while it's happening, sometimes that can help.  Also, allow him to mount, but not for more than 20 seconds at a time to give her a break. Otherwise she could get really bent, and fight.  Between each mounting, allow a minute or so break.  (and of course don't let any bunny mount the other's head. They can actually bite the other in very painful place!!! YEEOUCH!  I am betting you already know this, but just in case)

Where do you have your bonding sessions?    Two dominants of the opposite sex can usually work things out, but one will have to back down to become the less dominant (notice how I don't say..become passive)   Rucy and Jack are two dominants.  Rucy backed down during the bonding, and she does give way to Jack every once in awhile now, but she is clearly not passive. 

If you haven't already, you could use a stunt double for Patina,  and put it in Fujoe's cage so he can mount it and work out some of his issues of dominating and mating.     It also might be a good idea to entice him to mount the stunt double  just prior to your bonding sessions (by moving it around and circling him with it) so that he's a little more tired during his actual bonding sessions.  

Make sure the stunt double really smells like Patina.  Have it in her cage over night, also if you can, brush her hair, take the fur from the brush,  cut a small hole somewhere in the the stunt double (usually somewhere in the face, and/or hiney - I nice), and put the fur there with a little bit sticking out.      These are places that bunnies want to sniff, so having the hair there offers a stronger scent to make some bunnies accept the stunt double as possibly the other real bunny...or at least close enough to count.

Keep us updated! 

User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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2/18/2007 4:32 PM
she's cute! they will make a very lovely couple


User is Offline nitetygress
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2/18/2007 9:08 PM
I'm so happy for you!  Fujoe looks like he has found a very pretty and spirited wife.  Best wishes to them both!

Proud mommy of Cassandra Bella aka "Cassy" the mini rex and her Husbunny Alexander the Netherland Dwarf/Hotot Mix

User is Offline FuegaNetsah
Eagle Point OR
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2/19/2007 1:52 PM
Very nice coloring on her. Glad that the bonding is going well! Hopefully, it will go smoothly. Yeah, have to agree with Binky about the head humping. Calil *the girl* likes to hump Oren's head. Very odd to watch. Very happy for Fujoe, nothing like a new friend of your own species.


User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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2/19/2007 4:04 PM
Binky- I did the stunt double thing..

I wrote that and other things on this forum:

that way it's all in one place.

User is Offline dmh426
Syracuse, New York
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2/20/2007 2:18 PM
LUCY! I am so jealous you got Fujoe a mate. Sophie needs one, but the whole bonding thing terrifies me. Soph is a diva. Yea for you!!!

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