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1/22/2007 5:27 PM
So I was thinking that the Bunny Spa thing in Chicago sounds great and why dont we have one in the Bay Area?  People on this site are around here too.  I thought that maybe we could hold a spa day and the donate the proceeds to a Bunny Rescue in the Bay Area.  I had a couple ideas:

~Free bunny treats (something like home baked rabbit cookies or something)
~Nail/Teeth Trimming (Proceeds for rescue)
~Auction Items (Proceeds for rescue)
~Maybe Binky Bunny could arrange for a booth with toys,  food, and stuff that is sold on this page and maybe educational materials for proper house bunny care.
~If there is a rescue organization that wants to perhaps bring bunnies/profiles of bunnies for perspective adopters, that would work as well, if actually bunnies are there people might be able to do preliminary bonding with their current house bunny if they are thinking of adopting a second one. 
~Possibly workshops on making your own bunny toys/cardboard houses etc.

If anyone else thinks this would be a good idea and would like to help, knows of a good venue/big back yard, a rescue that would be good to donate to, wants to bring their bunny, knows how to do nail and teeth trimming, good at advertising, or has other ideas for activities, please send me an email at
and I will create a list of people interested in putting one together and then we can do it =) 

I also think it would be fun on a smaller scale to have something of a binkybunny tea party where we can all meet each other and talk about our bunnies =)  This could also be a meeting for planning a spa day.
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