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Last Post by Hedi at 4/03/2007 5:46 PM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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1/22/2007 12:49 PM
Silly question but where do you buy them? I havent seen them in our grocery.
Are they available in the grocery or can you pick them out of your yard in the summer?
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User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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1/22/2007 2:23 PM
I'm in Chicago, and I'm pretty sure that they only have them in the summer time. I have never seen them at a regular grocery store.. but there's a produce place that carries them, and i'm pretty sure- don't quote me on this- but whole foods carries them.

What you might want to do is wait till it gets warmer and the farmers market starts up again...unless yours run all year long. I'm sure that you can ask some of the farmers there if they know who carries them and such. They might be cheaper at a farmers market and much fresher. I have a co-worker who likes eating them. She said that she boils them and seasons them.

Also... maybe google your town's name with dandilion greens and something might come up.. good bunny wounld touch the greens I got for him.

Oh! If you don't use pesticides, and they are growing in your yard, there should be no reason why you shouldn't feed your bunnies those.

User is Offline osprey
Los Altos, California
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1/22/2007 2:26 PM
If you know that the dandelions in your yard have not been exposed to fertilizers, weed/insect killers or dog and cat poop, you should be able to feed them to your buns.  Wash well of course.  I feed my guys various "weeds" from our backyard, which gets no sprays, like bunches of grass, blackberry stems and leaves, and dandelion greens.

I also buy dandelion greens on occasion, but I only know of one store in my area that sells them, and they are quite expensive.  A fairly large bunch (good for 4 or 5 meals for my 3 buns) is $2.99 US.  The store that carries it is an upscale family owned grocery with a large organic produce section called Piazza's.

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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1/23/2007 8:33 AM
my kids love dandies. being in california, we get them year round.

the organic-y kinds of places sell them here. you should be able to find them someplace like whole foods, I'd imagine.
I pay $1 for a nice sized bunch at the farmer's market (or $1.50 at the store.) 2 bunches feed my 3 buns for 1 meal.
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User is Offline dmh426
Syracuse, New York
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1/23/2007 3:15 PM
We've got them in the produce section at every grocery store in New York State. Sophie loves them!!!!

User is Offline barbara elliott
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1/24/2007 4:36 PM
I'm in the Detroit area, and I've seen them reasonably priced at both Whole Foods and Meijers. I'm not sure if there are Meijers in Ohio, but the one around here has them from time to time, even in winter. :-)

User is Offline ea hurse
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2/16/2007 11:46 AM
living in simple old England its HILARIOUS that you guys can buy dandelion leaves - from anywhere!!! i've never heard of it! (as for 'feeding' weeds, well i just nurture them and the buns pretty much feed themselves!

User is Offline Faye Perry
Leicestershire, UK
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2/17/2007 7:55 AM

Isn't it funny, before we ever had bunnies dandelion's used to be the bain of my hubby's life... always cropping up in the middle of the lawn (you know men and their lawns - very anally retentive (or that just my hubby?????)), or just spreading all over the place. Yet when we got rabbits we struggle to find them as much as we would like!!! now all that grow's in our lawn is thistles!!!  TIPICAL

User is Offline CowieCow
Golden, CO
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3/13/2007 2:45 PM
I'm in Colorado, and they sell they at WildOats, which is an organic food market and Whole Foods as well, which is the same deal. I've noticed over the winter months that the selection there is pretty crappy, I'm hope with spring just around the corner the greens will improve.

User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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4/03/2007 5:46 PM

Finally! I have spotted dandelions!

I found only a dozen behind our garage yesterday so i picked them all today. Carrera turns her nose up at them but Pookie likes them.


Carrera 6yo Mini Rex
Pookie 5yo Dwarf
Cooper 2yo old Mini Lop
Hooper (Hooptie) 2yo Mini Rex
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