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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Is he just a picky eater?
Last Post by Gravehearted at 12/12/2006 1:13 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline hooty22
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12/11/2006 9:35 AM
I just recently switched my 2 month old bunny from Alfalfa to Timothy, and he doesn't want to eat it. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the Alfalfa more than his pellets, but now he just looks at the Timothy in disgust. Is this normal, or is he too young or something for Timothy hay?

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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12/11/2006 11:02 PM

Welcome hooty22!      

At two months, he should be still getting alfalfa, at least in hay form.  (unless he is overweight)

Here is a great link to diet requirements suggested by the House Rabbit Society  

It is normal for a bunny to want to stick with alfalfa.  When it is time for him to switch, do .  
gradually.  It should take about 3 weeks to a month to make the switch, Each week gradually increasing timothy, and decreasing alfalfa.

It's safer for them anyway as any drastic switches can cause serious digestive problems.

When I had a baby bunny, I remember he hated the new timothy based, and for the first week would eat the alfalfa, and leave the timothy, but the next week, he began to nibble on the timothy (feeling hungry has a way of doing that), and then by the third week, he was eating it all.  Fourth week, he didn't even seem to notice that alfalfa was no longer in there.

Keep updated!


User is Offline dmh426
Syracuse, New York
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12/12/2006 7:02 AM
First of all, your baby is too cute! I would keep him on alfalfa longer. It's a sweeter hay, which bunnies definitely like and as he is a growing boy, it's also higher in fat. You don't want to cut anything out of the diet at that age. Since you now have the timothy hay at home as well, try mixing the two and as he gets older just add a little more timothy every once in a while until eventually he won't miss this alfalfa. You have to trick them! They're like kids (or so I've been told!!!). He should also be getting an unlimited amount of pellets at this time. Soon, you'll want to think about adding in some veggies. Good luck!

User is Offline hooty22
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12/12/2006 7:27 AM
Thanks so much, and yes he is like a little kid. He's completely spoiled and a little piggy. I started giving him small amounts of Parsley, and he loves it! He goes completely nuts when he hears the baggy make noise. I'm just very thankful that I have had absolutely not issues litter training him (Knock on wood), and he even comes when I call him (most of the time)...I think I've got a genius bunny. Now only if I can get him to stop nibbling on my study guides....

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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12/12/2006 1:13 PM
yes - bunnies are very smart about knowing what's important to chew on! one of my friend's bunnies went through a whole stack of papers, ignoring them all until he got to an important paper she needed to take to get a blood test! :-o

i try to keep really exciting things to chew around the house - like boxes, willow toys / tunnel, a phone book. it seems it helps somewhat. but the bunnies still love to chew boots :-/
~ bunny mom to to HRH Hareiette, Viktor the crazy Krum and Pandora, prima binky ballerina ~ Save a life, Adopt!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Is he just a picky eater?

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