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Last Post by BB at 5/31/2007 1:55 PM (7 Replies)
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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10/27/2006 11:35 PM
I usually answer posts from Wednesday tthru Saturday, and pop in the rest of the days, while the other board moderator handles Sunday - Wednesday. 

But I have been in the middle of moving both business and home.   We're still in the San Francisco Bay area, but still - What a nightmare!  We were at our other place for 15 years, so we have a lot of stuff.   I never knew I could accumulate so much stuff.   Who needs all this "stuff".  I'm so tired of boxes and boxes of "stuff".   Egads! So we will soon have to have a garage sale - a "Stuff" Sale.

We finally got the office in some sort of order tonight, but that is why I haven't been around.  But in the next few days, I am going back to tackle many of the questions I've missed.

So sorry!

Has anyone ever moved?  I mean a real move - I've done the college days move many times.  Nothing compares to a move when you have lived some place for over 10 years.  

User is Offline Anita Stark
Ontario, Canada
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10/30/2006 5:25 AM
Hey Binkybunny
I feel your pain.  We moved lots of times over the years.  Most times spending only 1 or 2 years in any one place, still it's amazing how much stuff accumulates in even the shortest residencies.  On the last round we had been in the house over 9 years.  We actually decided to get rid of most of our "stuff" before moving and had the luxury of buying new furniture for our new home.

Good luck, enjoy your new place.
Sable's Mom

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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10/31/2006 12:10 AM
Thank you!  We too got rid of much of our old furniture, and bought new "stuff"  but we had 100 boxes, and they had to go somewhere, and so while we waited for our new furniture, which included cabinets and storage units for our stuff, we had to just live with the boxes....I'm just tired of it all, and never want to do it again.   Maybe I'm just getting old.  Ack!

User is Offline lilmizzsnickerz
belfast northern ireland
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5/12/2007 1:35 PM

dont talk about moving to me

1990-2000= lived in ireland

2000-2001= lived in africa

2001-2005-lived in belize

2005-2006-lived in africa again

2006-now- back in ireland


moving countrys sucks lol


R.I.P domino, malibu and smirnoff i miss you
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User is Offline cookie627
Naperville, IL
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5/29/2007 3:10 PM
My adorable baby
Cookie 1 year old

User is Offline MooBunnay
Dallas, Texas (Allen)
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5/30/2007 4:39 PM

Darn, I was going to moan about my moving adventures, but then Lilmizzsnickerz showed me up, hahaha, I moved countries ONCE, from USA to France, and that was TOUGH! the hardest part was the language though, especially when trying to buy a cell phone, and set up my internet etc.  Try saying "modem" and "rate plan" in a second language when you only know the basics... hahaha...somehow I ended up with the msot expensive cell phone plan that existed!

I'm moving to DALLAS in 2 months, I am already soooo nervous about moving the bunnies that sometimes I can't sleep I'm so scared about it...

User is Offline DAWN8940
Perth, Western Australia
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5/30/2007 7:53 PM
Aha I hate moving ... it definitely sux big time!

I had a huge move when my ex and I shifted into my sisters house whilst our house was being built. We were at this place for 10 years ... OMG the packing was horrendous ... so much stuff! I hated packing all the fiddly bits of china and nick knacks. I wrapped everything in white butcher's paper because I did not want to use yukky newspaper and have to wash everything.

We stayed at my sister's place for a while, but we broke up and had to sort out who was going to have what. Painful experience!

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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5/31/2007 1:55 PM

Dawn, Oh MY, and it sounds like it was a really long relationship.  Sorry. I know that couldn't have been easy.   Well, hope things are getting easier by the week.  I know at first, it can sometimes be by the minute, then by the hour, then by the day....  They say it takes one month for every year to get over someone, but I know depending on the situation it can be shorter or longer.   For me, that was about right on as before I was married, I had two five year relationship, and I'd say it took me about six months to be fully over it and ready to move on to better things.

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