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Last Post by Cuddles_Momma at 11/02/2006 6:59 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Bunny Lover
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10/24/2006 9:04 AM

The title rhymes!

Any tricks to teach a bunny? My bunny Patches I got 2 days ago is a really fast learner! I just took him out for a while (maybe 1-3 hours) and he already learned to go up on his hind legs whenever I say "up". Patches is very curious and I was wondering about any things that would be fun for a bunny. What do you do to allow fun for your bun?

Anyways, just stay and chat!

User is Offline wendyzski
Chicago, IL
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10/24/2006 12:14 PM
Pepper very quickly learned where veggies come from, and when I said "all gone" would run to the fridge and stand up in front of it.  "Mooom - they're in HERE!".  She's a smart bunny.

I'm working with her to get her to hop up on the couch when I pat it, instead of just when she feels like visiting.  Also bunny-kisses on the nose are fun - I'm encouraging them with treats.  I'm also trying to get her used to being handled more (so I can trim her nails) , and to tolerate a harness so we can go on adventures.

User is Offline Theresa Moan
Nashua, NH
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10/24/2006 4:00 PM
My bunnies all know their names, and when they "feel" like it, they will jump up and see me.
When I just call their names when I see them staring at me in their cages, and then their ears go UP!
Hugo tonight has been really excited and doing a bit of running and binkies, and then trying to jump onto the couch to steal a sip of my drink

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
Forum Leader
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10/31/2006 8:20 PM

Welcome Lil Pinkie!!   Welcome Patches!!

Sounds like you have one brainy bunny. 

 I've taught my bunnies the word litterbox and Rubby, Rubby.

Bailey is very motivated by affection and so all I have to say is "Rubby, Rubby" and she knows she going to get a massage.  I just started saying the word when I started to pet her, and it wasn't long before she associated the word. 

As far as the word litterbox goes, during training, when I would catch them lifting their tail to pee in the wrong place, I would say NO, and then as I scooted them toward the litterbox, I would say the word litterbox over and over.  And soon they just associated the word with the box.

I also just posted about clicker training.   Here's a link about that.  Very cool stuff!!

User is Offline Cuddles_Momma
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11/02/2006 6:59 PM
Mine knows her name, and always gives me that look if I'm sitting on the couch and she is on the floor, of mooooooom! Come play so I can jump on your back! Guess maybe she has me trained
Mom to 7 month old Dutch bun Cuddles
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