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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Should I get my bunny a companion?
Last Post by BunBun at 2/11/2019 8:24 PM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline BunBun
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2/11/2019 4:40 PM
Hello this is my very 1st post. I have loved reading all the wonderful information provided here on this forum! Such a wealth of information. A little about my bunny and me. I'm a 1st time bunny owner. I have an 8 week old Holland Lop female. I have had her since Thursday(so new I know!)
I was fairly confident with my choice to get 1 bunny to start with however after reading differing opinions I'm worried I should get another bunny. Here is my line of bunny has female siblings still available where I got her. If I got one of her siblings would that guarantee me a bond? Also my family will be moving in 2 years time. Should I wait until after having moved and settled into our new home to seek out a companion for her? I would also really enjoy rescuing my next bunny however the bonding experience does make me nervous being a 1st time bunny owner. What are the pro bunny owners opinion on having a single bunny? I suppose my options now and my ultimate problem is do I get her one of her siblings now or do I wait 2/3 years? Would LOVE all the different opinions on this subject and thank you in advance for the help.
ALSO...YES I do intend on getting her spayed and I'm aware getting another bunny would double that cost but that's not a problem.

User is Offline DarthVadar
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2/11/2019 6:36 PM
Bunnies are usually happier with a friend; however, 8 weeks is too young to form any real bond. They may get along for a little while, until around 7 or 8 months, when hormones kick in and they try to murder each other. Siblings may be easier to bond, but they do NOT guarantee a bond. Nothing can guarantee a bond.
Rabbits can live and be happy without a buddy, as long as they are well cared for and get interaction and toys. In some ways, having 2 bunnies is easier than having one, because they will occupy each other and do not demand as much attention from people. Moving should not pose a big problem for a bonded pair, as rabbits are extremely adaptable. Really, its up to you. You could get her a friend now, and wait until after they are spayed/hormones die down to bond, or you could wait and get another bunny. There isn't a wrong decision; I'm sure your lop will be happy.

User is Offline tobyluv
South Carolina
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2/11/2019 6:47 PM
Hello and welcome to Binky Bunny!

Being siblings does not guarantee that rabbits will bond. If you get one of her siblings now, or any other rabbit, you will have to keep them separated until both have been spayed or neutered, then recuperated from surgery, and allowing time for the hormones to abate. Do you have the room to house 2 rabbits separately for several months? You mentioned getting a female sibling. It's usually easier to bond a male and female rabbit, neutered and spayed of course, but you can bond same sex rabbits. There are rare times when 2 rabbits won't bond. It's due to their personalities. In that case, they would have to be housed separately forever, so you have to be prepared for that, but it's likely that won't happen.

If you do get another rabbit and he or she comes from a rescue, he or she will likely be already neutered. That will save you money and some trouble.

Since you aren't moving for 2 years, I see no reason why you couldn't get another rabbit soon. You still will have to wait a few months before attempting bonding, of course. Before considering another rabbit, it might be best to wait just a little while. Since you just got your rabbit a few days ago, you need to get used to rabbit care and make sure that you are comfortable with all that goes into their care. Waiting a little while will give your rabbit a chance to grow and get closer to an age where she can be spayed. Most vets like to wait until a rabbit is 6 months old.

Here are 2 good articles on bonding:

User is Offline BunBun
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2/11/2019 8:24 PM
Thank you both very much! I think I'll go ahead and wait until my bunny is older. I have been reaffirmed in my original thought of just having 1 bunny for a while. She has been a really big learning curve. No matter how much you research experience is always the best teacher. It's also nice to know that male and female bonds are typically better. Since it sounds like I'll have to wait until at least post surgery recovering to allow the bunnies together it wouldn't be worth it for me to house them both separately for 4 to 5 months. Thank you again for your help.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Should I get my bunny a companion?

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