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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > I hate my bunnies they hate me.
Last Post by Oscar at 1/18/2019 10:48 AM (7 Replies)
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User is Offline JulyMarry
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1/10/2019 3:24 PM
So, long story short I have 2 male rabbits both neutered. They used to pee on my bed a lot. OK so we were good friends and everything. Free roamed until they learned to go to litter. But now oh God
slowly by everyday passing I continously grow to hate them more. I bunny proofed my room but they still find a way how to crash it and it's seriously annoying. They don't show any kind of bond with me anymore only one of them who since I got him growled at me and attacks me. And well, I'm okay with that. To be honest they both got so bad personalities and I don't know how I got so unlucky. They are way to distructive even if they got a lot of toys. Don't show any kind of love. They have a very good diet plus they are healthy so I dont really know what's wrong. Now I seriously thought of rehome. Because now I can barely sleep of them and I have the worst sleep schedule right now.
What are your thoughts?

User is Offline LBJ10
Bunny Name Master
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1/10/2019 3:58 PM
What is their setup like? Are they corralled at night?

What have you done to try to bond with them? Many bunnies become less clingy with their human after they get a bunny friend. It's normal, so I wouldn't let their bond discourage you.

User is Offline unindexed
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1/10/2019 9:10 PM

Have you tried to build their own home? Or try to totally remove the smell of their pee on your bed

User is Offline Asriel and Bombur
Boston, MA
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1/11/2019 5:48 AM
They sound like bunnies being bunnies. I think your expectations of them are really high. Bunnies are inherently destructive. They are natural chewers and diggers. That's literally what they do. That's why most toys are geared for that. Buy a grass mat for them to dig and chew, throw a toilet paper roll stuffed with hay in the room, add a dig box. If they crash it it means they're running around and playing, which is a good thing and they're normal healthy bunnies. Bunnies aren't affectionate. They're not a dogs that actively seek you out for attention, especially a bonded pair. You need to basically ignore them and wait for them to approach you. If they're bonded they're more focused on each other than you.
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User is Offline Sirius&Luna
London UK
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1/11/2019 5:58 AM
It's very easy to become frustrated when you're sleep-deprived. The first thing I would recommend is getting some earplugs.

Secondly, like A&B says, it doesn't sound like they're doing anything particularly unusual. If they're growling and attacking, they must feel scared by something. Are you approaching them in their area? Picking them up? Changing litter while they're in there? These are all things that don't seem scary, but can be very upsetting to a bunny.

What kind of things are they destroying? If they're digging up carpet you can put tiles on areas that they chew. You can put little cube walls around things you want to protect. You can give them cardboard or grassmats in the place of things they normally destroy.

The thing to remember is that they're not trying to be naughty or annoy you or wake you up. They're just being bunnies. It's up to you to create an environment that you can all live in together.

User is Offline DarthVadar
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1/11/2019 12:47 PM
Even bonded rabbits usually show affection for their human. Maybe not bunny kisses and cuddling, but definitely nudging for pets and playing. Idk what kind of rabbits other people have, but growling and attacking are not normal at all. To bond with them more, get down on their level. Lay on the floor and don't move, and let them sniff you and hop on you. I have bunnies that are total jerks until i get them out and sit down. Then they run around, hop all over me, and nudge for pets. They may not do this at first, but after a few times, they will start to bond with you.
If being destructive is a problem, you may have to keep them in an x pen or cage. X pens are pretty cheap, and would preserve your sanity by keeping the rabbits off your bed. Free roam is great, but bunnies can be just fine in a pen. Especially if being free roamed allows them to destroy your stuff and makes you fester a growing hatred for them.

User is Offline Laragc
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1/13/2019 3:09 PM
TBH, it sounds like maybe bunnies aren' t the pet for you. They take an immense amount of patience and work and aren't cuddly like cats. I might go with your instinct to rehome. It's not terrible if you are giving both them and you a better quality of life. BUT - if you rehome, screen VERY carefully or surrender to a no-kill shelter.

User is Offline Oscar
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1/18/2019 10:48 AM
Sounds like typical bunny stuff. Rabbits are not for everyone! I hope you have tried some of the tips that others have posted and that you can all be happy together. A happy bun, is a happy mum!!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > I hate my bunnies they hate me.

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