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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Demon Bunny or Happy Bunny? Boarding Rabbits
Last Post by SwedishClara at 12/13/2018 9:32 PM (1 Replies)
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12/13/2018 3:51 PM

I thought I should share our experiences with boarding our rabbit, and see if anyone else had something remotely similar.

Like for many of you, if not all, our bunny is sweet and lovable. She greets us when we come home. She greets guests. She even runs up to the door during Halloween to check out the trick and treaters. She will tug at our pants when she doesn't think we are giving her enough attention and gives up puppy dog eyes about 40 minutes before feeding time.

We board our bunny when we go on trips. She likes to socialize with humans and we just can't ask our neighbors to spend three hours per day with the rabbit even though a chuck would be just watching the TV. 

The first person we boarded the bunny with runs a local pet shop and loves rabbits. Our rabbit was fine the first time but the second time she came hold with an illness and the Vet thought that stress may have played a part. After that we've been boarding at our (Exotic Animal) Vet. We reason that she has medical attention at her fingertips should something happen. We just recently found out that when she was boarded at the store owner's house, our bunny would only let the owner of the pet store feed her. The rabbit attacked the husband if he tried.

The time before last when we collected our rabbit from the Vet, we asked how she was and the lab tech said that she had reached an "Understanding" with our rabbit.

When we dropped off the bunny for our most recent trip, they told us that she would be going into the "Isolation Room". The reason they gave is that our rabbit likes a lot of space (which is true).

When we collected the bunny and asked how she was, the first thing they said is that they could see on the monitors she would run up to the door when someone entered the room. They then said that she "trashed" the room. Finally, they told us that the weekend vet tech left a very long letter about our rabbit. We did not ask to see the letter. On the way out, they happily said "See you next time" so we will be returning.

Upon reflection, we realized that our rabbit is not being treated that much different than a dangerous serial killer. She is put in solitary confinement and a person in a secure room watches on a monitor whenever someone enters her abode. Guards write long letters about the trauma they have experienced and rooms are "trashed".

I don't expect anyone has an identical experience but I am interested in hearing other stories of bunny boarding, especially challenging ones. 

User is Offline SwedishClara
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12/13/2018 9:32 PM
Wow the whole video monitoring is kinda odd...

My mom usually takes care of my bunny when I'm away and it is just the darndest thing but Juniper always lunges at her when she tries to give her a treat, sometimes she'll honk! I haven't ever seen her do it with anybody else and it startles my mom so much that sometimes she pulls a muscle in her back!

Maybe my mom appears so much larger than me because she can't get down on the floor like me and my friends can. My baby probably thinks she's defending her turf from a huge monster! The hilarious thing though is that she'll still take the treat and then run for cover.

Sooo... demon bunny? Maybe!!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Demon Bunny or Happy Bunny? Boarding Rabbits

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