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Last Post by Nstracn at 12/24/2015 5:09 AM (2 Replies)
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12/23/2015 7:15 PM

Hi everyone, 

I am a new bunny owner as of last month. I found a bunny on my way to work at the side of the road who looked very malnourished and cold ( I live in Canada so winters get pretty bad around here). I am not sure if he escaped or was dumped there. I put up a few signs and an ad but no one claimed him so he is now part of my family and doing very well! 

Anyways I bunny sit my friend's rabbit (Paul) every year when she goes away on vacation. He is 10 years old. I do not know the exact age of my rabbit (named Balthazar) but he appears young. He looks as though he's still growing and is very hyper and energetic. 

The two rabbits are often separated but have met a few times under strict supervision. They tend to ignore one another and focus on eating or just lounging with me. Balthazar has tried to mount Paul a few times and Paul let's it happen for a few sec and then hops away.There have been no fights between the two and none appear to be stressed. Paul even eats or cleans himself while Balthazar tries mounting him. He doesn't seem too concerned and knows Balthazar is stronger. 

This evening however, Paul got a burst of energy (after eating a yummy banana slice) and decided to mount Balthazar. He came on a bit strong and Balthazar appeared very startled. The two then struggled to mount one another. They appeared to be getting a bit too frisky and i separated them. Paul went back to doing whatever it is he does everyday and appeared very relaxed. However Balthazar was not. 

When i went to spend time with Balthazar in the other room, he looked very...anxious. He was running around the area on high alert and didn't want to leave my side. He would follow me everywhere including the bathroom and had to be touching me at all times. 

This surprised me as he is not usually a cuddler and is often busy exploring. I held him for a good hour, petting him and he was "purring" on my lap. He seemed to calm down. Yet anytime I would attempt to leave, he would anxiously run after me, and made sure he always had one part of his body touching me. 

I'm wondering if anyone knows what Balthazar might be going through and how I can handle the situation. I am afraid perhaps he is upset that the senior bunny dominated him tonight as he is always the dominant one. Perhaps he is also upset he was separated from my main area of the house while I stayed with the visiting bunny? Paul is here for one more week and I want to make sure that everyone is feeling happy and calm. 

Any advice? 

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12/24/2015 3:44 AM
I'm glad you rescued Balthazar, and it must have been clear to you that he was a stray domestic bunny, not a wild bunny, so that worked out well.

Unless you are bonding the two bunnies to live together, I would not continue to have them be together at all. If they get along well, they would be separated which could upset them both. From this episode, Paul demonstrated that he is not always willing to be the bunny who is dominated (I assume he is neutered, even if B. is not) so he frightened B. with an aggressive act. Mounting is only sexual between opposite sexes, and sometimes not even that, but an act of dominance.

Difficult as it may be, I would recommend keeping the boys separate for the next week. B. is too upset by this, and it may be something in his mysterious past that is triggering this response. It is unusual for a bunny to cling to their human this way (except at the vet, where they all seem to jump into our arms) but if he is comforted by being with you, well, that's really nice. I don't see any need to upset him again around Paul. You want B. to be at ease in his new home with you. Alternate their play time outside the separate habitats. Maybe keep them in separate rooms. I know it won't be easy, but unless someone else has a good suggestion, it's the only thing I can think of that will calm down B. and keep Paul content as well.
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12/24/2015 5:09 AM
Thank you so much for the reply.

Yeah for now I've been separating them. They stay in different rooms and have turns at hanging out in the living room with everyone. I was most concerned with Paul at the beginning for he is 10 years old and I did not want to stress him out and perhaps make him ill. Also he is away from home so that already is a stressful situation (even though he has been staying with me every Christmas season for the past 4 years). I guess in all of this I never realized that Balthazar might be feeling stressed too about his new roommate.

Both buns seem in good spirits this morning in their separate rooms.
Again thank you so much for the quick response!
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