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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > What to expect 6-12 months?
Last Post by pinknfwuffy at 12/20/2015 2:23 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline pinknfwuffy
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12/19/2015 9:14 PM

Hi everyone! I have always had older bunnies and Olaf will be my first young bun experience. I got him on Halloween when he was five months old. He has since been neutered and doing really well. I've heard good and bad things about the teenager stage and wanted to know if you had any advice for what to expect heading into the 6-12 month old range? I realize all buns are different but thought I'd get a personal take from your experiences with young fellas. Thank you!

User is Offline LongEaredLions
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12/19/2015 11:10 PM
Like you said, all bunnies will have a different reaction. Some bunnies become very destructive, chewing, aggressive, and loose their litter box training. Others will show no different behavior at all. Usually, this behavior can be curbed by neutering. Since you have already neutered your bunny, the "teenage" phase is likely to be less severe or possibly occur at all.

User is Offline abeautifulhope
Northern California, USA
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12/20/2015 9:25 AM
They're all so very different. My late bun Luna never went through a hormonal stage (I even held back on her spay until she was a little older because of her health issues), but my bun before that was a little hellion. She sprayed and marked everything and got slightly aggressive (not with me, just with my little sister). While my sister's old bun was a doll through the hormonal phase, she did territorial poop/mark and she would pee on the bed, and then my other sister's little bun was a complete witch when she hit about 4 months old O_o She was very cage aggressive and it took a decent bit of time to get her to consistently use the litter box. They're all just very, very different in how those hormones hit them
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User is Offline bam
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12/20/2015 9:52 AM
I got my Yohio when he was young, I don't know how young but he weighed half of what he weighs now =) I had him neutered after a month and that took care of a spraying problem. The only teen-ager-behavior I noticed was a lot of zoomies, bunny 500s and full flops and a tendeny to chew more or less everything. He could also growl at me and box me, but that might not have been a teen-age thing, I think it was more about insecurity. He wasn't very cuddly, but he became cuddly as time wore on.

User is Offline pinknfwuffy
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12/20/2015 2:23 PM
Thank you everyone! These replies have been really helpful. I am sure Olaf will have his own experience over the next few months but it is reassuring to hear you have all gone through it and survived! :] I also really love reading about other's rabbit stories, so this is all very informative. He has been doing really well with the exception of some extra chewing but we're working on it with some extra toys. Much appreciated!
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > What to expect 6-12 months?

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