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Last Post by BunLuv at 11/29/2015 5:32 PM (14 Replies)
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User is Offline Loriru
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5/08/2015 8:15 AM

I was purchasing hay a few weeks ago when a lady asked me questions about rabbits, she had just received one as a gift and was wondering how to care for it. I gave her my phone number in case she had any questions about it's care. She just texted me a picture of him and said she needs to get rid of him. I have 3 pet bunnies and I can't adopt another one. I live in Northern Utah and want to find a home for him so he isn't released. I'm not sure what she will do with him if she doesn't find a home for him, but I don't want to find out. I will try to attach a picture of him....Oh how I wish I could adopt him, he's sooooo cute!

User is Offline Sarita
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5/08/2015 8:41 AM
Contact Best Friends in Kanab, Utah:

User is Offline Loriru
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5/08/2015 8:45 AM

I told her to take him to the Humane Society which is about an hour away. They have a great rabbit rescue program and they don't euthanize, but I want to give him a forever home if possible. 

User is Offline Loriru
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5/08/2015 9:04 AM

BTW...I would love for her to take him to Best Friends...They are awesome, but it is about 6-8 hours away from where we live

User is Offline MissGabbster
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5/08/2015 9:41 AM
I didn't know the Humane Society had rabbits!? Best Friends has a dog/cat branch in Salt Lake but I'm not sure if they take in surrenders.

User is Offline Loriru
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5/08/2015 11:21 AM

The only reason I know about the Humane Society is because someone in my neighborhood released 2 pet rabbits last summer and I was able to catch 1 of them and rescue it. I called Best Friends in Salt Lake and they referred me to the Humane Society and that is where I took her.

User is Offline Sarita
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5/08/2015 1:12 PM
Hopefully she takes him to the Humane Society then...I don't see why she wouldn't. Fingers crossed.

User is Offline LongEaredLions
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5/09/2015 1:50 PM
I hope this turns out well for this bunny-he sure is a cutie.

User is Offline Loriru
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5/11/2015 6:41 AM

I guess her son that already has 2 rabbits that live in Idaho is going to take him. Hopefully it will be a good home for him.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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5/14/2015 5:01 PM
That sounds promising.
My RB Babies....forever in my heart

User is Offline MissGabbster
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5/14/2015 6:09 PM
It does sound promising. I hope he has a happy life!

User is Offline vanessa
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9/29/2015 8:01 PM
I understand your frustration. I just met a lady over the weekend while having my saturday breakfast out. She landed up with her granddaughter's bunny, who the granddaughter likes, but doesnt' want to keep. But doesn't want the grandmother to get rid of. So this poor bunny is kept by grandma for grandkid's entertainment. Grandma doesn't really want the bunny. Bunny lives outside, in a rural (think fox) area, in a small cage. She is let out during the day (when she woudl prefer to sleep), and is back in her cage by evening (when she would like to be out). The best I could do was call the lady on the phone that afternoon and offer suggestions on a larger cage, bunny behavior, and options for adopting the bunny to someone else. I already have 4 bunnies - I can't save them all :-(

User is Offline mcb100
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11/28/2015 4:58 PM
I do hope this cute little bunny finds a home! He's adorable. Definitely try to find somewhere that won't euthanize. I feel more bad for bunnies than I do for cats and dogs. I feel like #1, a lot of people out there where I'm from do not care to buy small animals--they all want cats and dogs. (I like cats and dogs too, just stating my opinion. They are the first to get adopted compared to a rabbit.) Also, I feel like a lot of bunnies go to homes as gifts to small children who pull on their ears. A lot of people don't know how much work rabbits are, and get them because they think it will be less work then taking care of a kitten/cat/dog (which it honestly isn't, in my opinion. Cleaning the cage takes an hour, expenses like bedding/food/hay, out here it's 300 and up to get them fixed, also you're dealing with a lot of poop in my opinion. They can be harder to litter box train than cats and dogs.), and then they end up having to get rid of the bunny somehow or give it away......My main feeling is that people buy a rabbit because they think it's easier to care for than getting a larger animal, when it's actually a lot of hard work, and like I stated, they can be harder to care for or less trainable than cats and dogs.
I love my rabbits and I wouldn't change anything about them, but people really need to research pets before they just go out and buy---hence why so many rabbits end up needing a home.
Best of wishes to you!! I hope he finds a great home!! (I know out here in PA there's a beautiful no kill shelter, it's actually half of a farm and all the animals there truly enjoy their lives. Hopefully this bunny gets something similar.)

User is Offline vanessa
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11/29/2015 5:13 PM
I saw the lady again who was asking me about her rabbit. I asked her how it was going. I had recommended various rehoming options to her, and also decent enclosure ideas, and said she could call or text anytime for advice/chat. I asked her how the bunny is doing - did she find him a new home etc. Bad news. She kept him because her granddaughter thought he was cute. But she kept him outside, and let him loose for exercise time. She said he was really good about coming back to her house for food!!!!! Said he normally hung out on her driveway!!! This time he hung out on her neighbors driveway, and got killed as the neighbors backed their car up without seeing he was behind the tire. I couldn't take him, couldn't convince her to rehome him, couldn't convince her to care for him properly. Made me mad.

User is Offline BunLuv
British Columbia, Canada
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11/29/2015 5:32 PM
Hopefully karma serves her up what she deserves.
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