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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS > Update on the moogle case. and indepth story
Last Post by Hannah at 3/08/2008 5:03 PM (1 Replies)
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Fullerton, California
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9/29/2007 8:57 PM

 =( right now my brother and i are fighting because my dad had given my baby brother something he can use to argue with me. so right now my father and brother want the bunnies out of the house. =/ it got really really worse today. my brother started saying things like i dont care about the family and i threatened my dad. i seriously thought my brother was going to hit me(my brother is 18 and he is 5'9" i am only 5'1"but you know what there are other people in my house that likes animals and i have been with bunnies for more that half a year and i have grown every attached to them. so has my other brother. he even offered to move into my room to take care of my bunnies with me and kick out my baby brother into the same room with my aunt. i had a talk with my father and he said that they can now stay but they have to go into the bathroom. (we have a huge shower that we dont use so my dad wants me to set up the cage in there. however, we still use the toilet and the sink though. and i can take them out to play becuase the room will now be mine and my other brother's and not my baby brother's) i know that with me doing this my baby brother will be really mad at me but he seriously cannot get everything he wants. he was able to move into the dorms at UCLA so it does not mean that that room is still his eventhough i do agree that we didnt kick him out of the house because he is still family and that is not his permanent home. but he cannot get half of the master bedroom and not be home. ive talked with my other brother and mother and not only is there emotional attachment but there is the money spent. just becuase it was not my father's nor my brother's money, doesnt mean that they can just be thrown out of the house. just because they are not losing anything from it doesnt mean that no one else is. i will. my hard earned extra money i raise for my bunnies. what also makes me mad (sorry but i really really need to let somethings out right now. it really hurts me to keep it in right now.)is that my brother yells at me (yes, my baby brother yells at me... not supposed to though.....) and says i dont care for the family... yes i do agree that i am not home very often as he is but he should also keep in mind that i have school, i want to get out of college and start my career as soon as possible because my parents are really old and they cannot help us anymore so i dont want them to have to worry about us (money wise) and we can give them an easier life(also money wise). my parents are not good with english so i help with all their legal papers. so if they need a translation, no matter where i am they bug me to tell me to come home right away to tell them what something says even though i am at work or at school. =/ and when i tell them to ask my other brothers to translate sometimes, they both claim not to know what it means what apperently one is (so he believes) smarter than i am and the other one is just lazy. so the both of them tell my parents to ask me so they can continue with what they were doing or where they were going.i even have to work to help pay for the bills let alone my bills for books at school and other misc stuff. i dont mind doing it but it really upsets me to know that what they believe is that i dont care and i dont help. it makes it worse to know that i have an exam on tuesday and i have a 18x24 painting, 24 thumbnails and 3 roughs to complete this week. if it wearnt for my bf id be about ready to drop it all. what more do they want from me?


so now they stay and i will fight for that even if it leads to me getting kicked out of the house. i know i wont though. i know it may sound cocky but whoelse is going to help them the way i do? and besides, my parents love me and i love them. sorry cant say the same about my little brother though. well as far as i know i am not going to help him out with anything anymore. if he is going to treat me like that i dont feel i should treat him well.

my name is Carolyn and my precious babies are 2 holland lops named Mochi and Emo and a uhh uhh not sure what he is.... but his name is Moogle

User is Offline Hannah
Brandeis University
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3/08/2008 5:03 PM
Ahh, people can be so mean when they don't get what they want. I have to agree with you here; if your brother isn't home 'cause he's at college, he can't be so terribly upset when some of his space gets used up. Just try to keep your parents on your side with this one, and ignore your brother. The bunnies need space! You can't be expected to abandon your pets. Just because he wants his space not to be touched when he's not around.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS > Update on the moogle case. and indepth story

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