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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS > bunnies in bad environment at apple orchard
Last Post by LongEaredLions at 9/21/2014 10:10 PM (1 Replies)
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9/21/2014 6:30 PM

Hi everyone. Today I was at an apple orchard out in Central MA and they, of course, had bunnies in little huts outside by all the other farm animals for kids to see. Two bunnies clearly were missing fur on their backsides, similar to what I've seen happen to rabbits in pet shops when they are sitting on metal grates all day or in their urine, not in a good environment. The two huts had three rabbits each, with some room to move about but an all metal grated bottom (fairly large grates, bunnies' feet were squishing through them.) There was no fully sheltered area anywhere in the hut, just a three sided wooden back that was just large enough to fit two, maybe three rabbits in but that wouldn't actually protect them from wind/rain, etc. There was no sign saying not to/what to feed them, so I watched as one kid fed one piece of cider donut after another through the cage to all the bunnies. 

Having done my best to explain the situation, does anyone know if there's anything these people are legally doing wrong? Is there anything I could do for these rabbits to make their lives better? 

Sorry if there is a post for something similar around or this isn't a question for this forum, just direct me to another post or a different place if this isn't a good place to ask. 

edit: just realized I posted this in the wrong thread, so sorry!! 

User is Offline LongEaredLions
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9/21/2014 10:10 PM
Since you have received replies on your identical thread, I am going to lock this one to avoid confusion.
Topic is locked
BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS > bunnies in bad environment at apple orchard

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