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Last Post by Bugs.Ruby88 at 6/17/2016 7:06 PM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline Cuddles_Momma
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9/19/2006 11:11 AM

Here lately my bun has taken to scratching at me like she is digging at it. I've seen her do this to things like the carpet, but recently it's been on me. Like just now she is laying against my chest and started just digging at my shoulder. I dont know why she keeps doing this. I keep telling her no and tapping the top of her head with my finger-tips because I dont want her to ruin my clothing.

Any ideas??

Mom to 7 month old Dutch bun Cuddles

User is Offline ea hurse
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9/20/2006 1:23 AM
Lollo used to do this to my trouser legs before he was neutered, and it was a prelude to him trying to hump me. i ended up having to roll up my trousers when he was out and about (try explaining to guests why you look like you're going for a paddle in the sea!!) He doesn't do it much now, just very occasionally, (and only the scratching not the humping) but he does scratch the rug/carpet/curtains. Blue is very much a scratcher, in her litter-box, with cardboard and on the plastic floor of her cage but not with fabrics. i don't know why either but there would seem to be a bunny to bunny preference for things to be scratched.

i guess to stop her scratching you though, you'll have to 'remove' her from you each time she does it and maybe try to set up a key word that she can associate with you telling her to stop doing that particular thing, so eventually you just say the word and she knows you dont want her to scratch.

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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9/22/2006 12:30 AM

Loopy-Lop has some good suggestions!  I just want to add a couple of things.

Try doing a high-pitched squeal, and then take her off the first few times.  This is bunny language for saying YEEEEOUCH!!!  Don't do that!     That's human language too, but this is something bunnies do usually understand, as this is how they relate to each other.  Soon, if you squeal, she should stop right away, and then hopefully she won't do it at all.

Bunnies dig at us for several reasons - Here are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

  1.  Move it, ya big lug!  
  2. I don't want your smell dominating this place - I'm digging and chewing it out.       
  3. I love this comfy spot, but I would feel safer if I could dig a little ditch here so I could hide a bit. (their wild cousins will dig little indents in the dirt so they can lounge, but still remain somewhat hidden from predators.


User is Offline Ester Yeh
Houston, TX
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9/22/2006 9:17 PM
 I know that bunnies dig us to make us move, or when they are upset/or angry, or to make things more comfortable

User is Offline Ester Yeh
Houston, TX
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9/22/2006 9:18 PM
or sometimes just to be petted!

User is Offline Bugs.Ruby88
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6/17/2016 7:06 PM
Hey all!
Occassionally I see Bugs get on Ruby, as she's lying down. He licks her eyes and violently stratches at her head and sometimes back. He stands on her back and scrathes her as well, and licks amd cleans her ears. We yelled at him once, and Ruby got up. It almost seemed liked she was enjoying it, maybe even sleeping. Is he pampering her? Does anybody know what's going on here? They love eachother so- well sometimes. She yells at him too. Is he hurting her? Is he warning us?

Thanks all!
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