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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Need some Splayed Front Legs Cage ideas!
Last Post by Heather M at 9/11/2013 7:45 PM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline Heather M
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9/09/2013 12:16 PM

A bun we took in last year recently passed and I picked up one this am from someone giving it away. He is a Dutch and super sweet and friendly and 1yrs old.  He appears to have splayed front legs. I asked her about them, and she said he was always like that and has trouble walking on wood flooring. I was hoping that it was because his nails were long or that there was hay on the bottom of his cage, but after taking him home and letting him roam and cutting his nails  I def think there is an issue. Only a vet can tell for sure I guess....but I was looking for ideas on cage modification for him? Our other bun was in an XL dog cage with  different carpeted levels but I think he is going to need a 1 level cage.  But wondering if indoor/outdoor carpeting on the bottom would be ok or maybe rubber shower mat type flooring? His back legs seem ok at this point to my untrained eye! I was also going to cut down the litter box in the front so he can get in/out easier. He isnt litter box trained  so have to work on that too!

Any ideas will be appreciated......I am also scouring the archived messages for info!


User is Offline Sarita
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9/09/2013 12:37 PM
I agree that a one level is probably going to work best for him. Walmart has some carpet that is about 5 x 8 feet that is around $20 that is a good deal. It is larger than a 4 x 4 puppy pen but larger is better than smaller and because it's inexpensive I don't feel too bad about throwing it away and replacing it regularly as needed. They also have some smaller bath mat type carpets with plastic on one side that I have used as a second layer that can be thrown in the washer but not dryer - just air dry them.

Litter box training may be a challenge too but cutting down one side as you are doing sounds like a good idea.

You may also want to put down some carpet protectors under the carpet to protect either your carpet or hardwood floors - they are plastic and can be found at Home Depot and are cut to size - they are only 2 feet wide so you will have to use 2 side by side to get the right size.

User is Offline Heather M
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9/11/2013 7:45 PM
thank you so much Sarita! I was hoping I could just put the litter box in his corner and he would use it, but so far not so good! We have 2 corner type litter boxes in the 2 corners he was going in and cut them down so he can get in and out easier. The splaying isnt too terrible at this point and he is still pretty mobile for now. I have been using some throw rugs in there for now since they are washable but hoping by next week he does better and we can use some more permanent type carpeting. The Walmart stuff sounds good! I have been reading the tips on the site about litter training. My other buns just went in a certain corner and I put the box there and that was it. The previous cage setup was totally different than I have though, she had one of the SuperPet cages that is plastic on the bottom and wire on the top and she had hay all over the bottom. He did go in one corner though in that cage. I set up the cages next to each other and he went right in the new cage and laid down, ate some hay, and pooped and peed and played a bit.

Thank you so much for the tips!

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Need some Splayed Front Legs Cage ideas!

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