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Last Post by Amys Animals at 5/01/2013 11:37 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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4/30/2013 7:49 PM

 I just read on Facebook that an owner just surrendered 15 young/baby lionhead rabbits.  She is expected to surrender 15 more tomorrow. This shelter is not made to hold that many rabbits and it is a kill shelter.  I am sharing it on facebook and trying to get the attention of rescues to help too.  If you live in CA and would like another bunny maybe it would be worth checking this shelter out?  I am going to email and see if they take fosters...I read they don't but I want to ask because they might think about it more since they have so many rabbits now...  


This is the Facebook link to it,

This is the shelters website of the bunnies:;offset=0


This is the shelter facebook, but it is run by an ex-voluneer so if you want to get in contact with the shelter you have to go through their website...


I hope someone can help!  I am really going to try to help in anyway I can.  

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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5/01/2013 6:49 AM
Oh wow. The surrenders so far are all 9 months old. I hope the females aren't pregnant.

Edit: I've put up post about it on Rabbits Online.
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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5/01/2013 8:31 AM
Yeah I don't know. There is one rabbit that looks to be blind and then one bunny who has a tooth coming out of his mouth. Someone is interested in adopting the one with the tooth problem and she asked me what they might do about his tooth. I hope it doesn't discourage her from adopting him. He deserves to get out of there!

The one with the eye problem really has me disturbed and I couldn't really even sleep last night. That has never happened to me before about something. It just makes me so sad that these animals were suffering (I am assuming they were suffering based on what I've seen) I want to adopt her but I do not know if LA county adopts out to people who don't live in LA county. I would just foster her and get her med care but they don't do fosters there. =(

I may just get her out of there and try to find her a good home, through a rescue. The rescues are pretty full but maybe if I got this girl out and helped her they could possibly get her adopted somewhere. It would likely be hard though since I think she might be blind.

Thank you for posting on Rabbits Online about it! I really hope more people can help!

User is Offline Sarita
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5/01/2013 9:30 AM
Are they being surrendered by a breeder?

User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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5/01/2013 11:37 AM
I honestly don't know who is surrendering them. They don't look to be in the best condition. They look dirty and could use a nice grooming...
It's either a breeder or a hoarder. If they all are lionheads though it might be a breeder. I don't know. Or a hoarder who had a couple of lionheads and they bred a lot together.

I am trying to get the one that looks like he may have an eye problem out. I talked to the rescue I adopted my three and she said that if I can pay the adoption fee for the bunny to get out they will help look for a home for him. I will take him to the vet as well. I just need to talk it over with my parents, since I still live here.
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