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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > ugh did i make a horrible mistake?!?! also is this a sign of mites???
Last Post by lifeasweknowit at 11/11/2012 8:17 AM (24 Replies)
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11/10/2012 11:58 PM

She is adorable!. She doesn't look younger than 7 weeks to me. Having her in your room where it's quiet and safe feeling for her is good, however, your other bunny may have the natural reaction of wanting to defend his territory since this is not a neutral zone. So he could start marking. Some bunnies may even get agitated or aggressive toward you temporarily. It's not really against YOU, but the scent of another bunny may trigger that reaction. But if that dies down and doesn't worsen, then allowing them to just get used to each other's scent and seeing each other even if they don't get in contact may be a good. You do have to be careful of them being able to bite each other if they can come in contact with each other through cage bars. (depends on how big the cage bar spacing is). But rabbits can do damage to each other's face through bars if they decide they don't like each other right away. So just keep an eye on that.

I also ditto that your bunny will not ignore you, but just like with anything of new interest, it will take attention away. When I bonded Jack with his first bunny partner, he did not lose his love to be pet and kissed by his human, but when things were brand new, he just wanted to check out his new friend for the first few weeks. But the joys of seeing two bonded bunnies play and groom each other can be so satisfying too. I do hope your two become easily bonded, but it can take some time. I was just talking to a rabbit expert today and she made a good point that when we pick out a bunny for our bunny it's like if someone brought a stranger into our house to live with us, and we are just supposed to like them -- so it can take time once you are ready to bond them.

Anyway, don't worry too much, mites are easy to treat, and you have an ADORABLE bunny who now is ready to be loved by you.

Keep us updated!

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11/11/2012 4:13 AM
First, I want to tell you to just RELAX!!! You did a wonderful thing in taking in this beautiful, little baby. Don`t worry about your bunny changing. When baby is old enough to get fixed, then you can worry about bonding. We will all be here to help you through that.

I echo the others, I suggest you get the baby checked up by a vet asap. That`s always recommended when you bring a new bun home.
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11/11/2012 5:59 AM
ah thanks, all these nice words are very encouraging! i will take precautions when i take my other rabbit out, he seems pretty normal right now and the other rabbit is in plain sight just across the room.

and you do have a point, she wont actually meet face to face with my other rabbit until maybe 4-5 months later! i might put a towel up around her cage when i take my other rabbit out for playtime. and i totally forgot the vet isnt open on sundays! and i leave the house at around 7:30 and they don't open till wait! so possibly around 3pm-3:30pm i will call them and book an appointment as soon as possible. she does seem pretty lively (tiny "binkies" and she'll flick her head and do mini zoomies!) but no doubt, i am calling the vet and setting up an appointment regardless, hopefully i can book an appointment this week! im so paranoid that ALL of my pets will contract mites - if she does have them

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11/11/2012 6:46 AM
Definitely don't worry about the litter box being tooo big. My girl bun LOVES to just flop her limbs everywhere in this over-sized XL cat litter box we got for them in the play area. Way bigger than any of the buns but Lord does she absolutely LOVEEEEE to sprawl in that thing.
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User is Offline lifeasweknowit
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11/11/2012 8:17 AM
thanks! going to petsmart later today
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > ugh did i make a horrible mistake?!?! also is this a sign of mites???

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