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Last Post by Kokaneeandkahlua at 11/09/2012 9:09 PM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline AmandaPandah
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11/09/2012 4:08 AM

I've had Oreo for about two months now. He is only 4 months old and is as gentle as ever. And has the sweetest nature..

But for the life of me,he wont allow me to pick him up. And when I finally do manage to get him,his little heart is racing a thousand miles a minute. Which scares me,because I don't want to give the poor little guy a heart attack (Quite literally). I do everything I am supposed to do. Pick him up the right way. Hold him close to me until I sit down in a chair. But he freaks out when I let him go on my lap..and he jumps off onto the floor.

There are times that when he knows I am trying to get him...its like hes playing hard to get...and he runs away and binkies all over the place. Like hes teasing me. Which is kinda funny (If he is in fact playing...I dont know). Hes still so I know I am going to have to get him use to being held...

Its also crucial because he is a long haired rabbit. So he has to be brushed..which can also be difficult...cause he always tries to find a way to escape when I am brushing his fur.

I need tips..ideas...
I've tried treats...he wont take the bait if he knows whats going on....

User is Offline Sarita
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11/09/2012 4:23 AM
As far as brushing him - I would recommend you do that in the bathroom because it's generally a smaller space and there's less space to run away from you - put him in between your legs on the ground too as well to keep him boxed in and brush him that way.

My rabbits always run from me if they think I am going to pick them up. It's just instinct for them I think. My seniors are easy to catch but my free roamer is young and small and I basically have to corner him if I want to catch him.

User is Offline Kokaneeandkahlua
Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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11/09/2012 9:09 PM
I think the bathroom idea is best, it's not only a small place to work but also unfamiliar and they are less likely to pull out all the punches in escaping. As a different tactic, I've found putting veggies down and brushing Rupert while he's eating works quite well actually. So I'd see either bribery or unfamiliar territory with no escape route
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Having trouble handling the BunBun

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