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Last Post by sgasz at 2/01/2013 7:32 AM (71 Replies)
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User is Offline sleepy538
new jersey
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11/03/2012 11:21 AM

i thought maybe we could give some non-bun related info about ourselves, just to kind of put people in a context. i know we are not allowed to post last names or other identifying personal details. i was thinking hobbies, work, and any fun little tidbits you want to share. if this isn't allowed a forum leader can delete it and i apologize.

just in case it is allowed, i'll go first:

i'm 29 and live in new jersey. i work as a 1:1 aide for a child with special needs in a private school for disabled children. i've been at that school for two years, but this is my tenth year in that field. i have a degree in psychology that took me seven years to get, but i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up!  some of my favorite tv shows are the amazing race, forensic files, and glee (it's gotten so bad but i just can't let it go!). i'm vegan, and bake really awesome vegan desserts! i would love to open a vegan bakery someday. 

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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11/03/2012 11:49 AM
I'm 25 and currently live in Ohio. I grew up here but spent two years in Philadelphia for school. I'm a full time student (going on 21 years a student...). I have a BA in history and religion, spent two years in a specialized language program for Greek and Latin in Philly, and am now in my final year as an MA student in comparative religion studying Early Christianity and it's connection to Greek religion/mythology. I want my PhD next and will hopefully be accepted to a school for next fall *fingers crossed* My favorite TV shows: Doctor Who (which is why my current location here at BB says "in the TARDIS"), Once Upon a Time (I'm quite fanatical about this show actually, it's getting to where it's all I talk about), and anything that is sci-fi or fantasy. I don't really have hobbies because I'm so busy with school but I really do love my research and it's allowed me to think about literature and TV in a whole new way. I love to read and wish I had more time for novels but when I do have time for a "real" book, I'm a sucker for the classics and Russian lit. I also indulge in historical fantasy quite often. I'm teaching myself how to cook--and eat healthier because I got into the habit of eating terribly due to the busy life of school.

User is Offline Elrohwen
Hudson Valley, NY
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11/03/2012 12:41 PM
I love threads like this, especially when we have so many new members to meet :-)

I'm 28 and I live in the Hudson Valley, a bit more than an hour north of NYC. I have two bunnies, Otto and Hannah, and now a new puppy, Watson, along with the husband. We live on 9 acres, but in a very suburban area, so we get the benefit of privacy while still being close to shops and work. We've only been here for a year and I love our house! Before that we were in Connecticut for 5 years.

I work at a manufacturing facility as an engineer for computer chips (well, technically server and video game chips rather than computers). DH works there too, along with pretty much all of our friends. I used to work for a food company, making cookies and Goldfish, but I much prefer this job!

I love spending time with the bunnies and the dog, and training all of them. I hope to get into obedience and agility with the pup when he's older, and we'll enter a few conformation shows to see how he does. I rode horses for 10+ years growing up (jumping and some polo) and I'm hoping to find a place near our new house to ride. It's super expensive though, so I've been putting it off. My other hobbies include reading (mostly the classics, 19th century British literature, and some non-fiction), cooking, and drinking wine and beer ;-)
- Elrohwen

User is Offline lmais
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11/03/2012 1:18 PM
This is a great idea. Haha, Elrohwen I love that your husband is put in with the animals!!

I'm 19 and live in Montreal. I am currently finishing my last semester in Cegep and am (hopefully) going to be starting University in Fall 2013 at McGill University. I'm studying to work in marketing/advertising, possibly Public Relations but I will likely stick with Marketing. It is all in the same program at McGill so I have some time to make that decision! I am currently working in a small retail store just to keep up with some bills (and spoiling Ruby of course) - I have been offered a job in my field but I have to finish my DEC (cegep degree for Quebec) first, so I will be starting my career at the beginning of January! I'm very excited about this. I am still completing University in case I don't like the marketing position at the company that has offered to hire me.

I spend the vast majority of my spare time with Ruby. The shows that I am currently obsessed with are: Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds and Greys Anatomy. I don't go out much as my peers spend a lot of time clubbing and going to bars - I am more of a relaxing-at-home kind of girl. I have recently started training a lot. I practiced Karate for five years, and unfortunately had to stop when I started attending cegep 3 years ago. I have started to train a lot in the past two months (not in Karate courses unfortunately), and am hoping to get as strong as I was back then. Depending on how this goes, I am considering doing a Triathlon in September 2013 or 2014.

My most recent addiction is BB - I check obsessively to see how everyone's buns are doing. And I finally have a place where I can obsess about Ruby and people don't think I'm insane for doing so! (No one understands it until they have one!!) I am so happy that I found this forum, I have come to the conclusion if every person could have a rabbit in their lives the world would be a much happier place. I'm very excited to be a part of such a caring community.

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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11/03/2012 5:03 PM
We still have no first names. I'm Anna!

I'm 21 and live in Michigan. I am basically a full time student and I work and lately I've been doing a lot of volunteer work. I'm going to school for my associates in business (to lock in my credits) and then I'll decide what I want to specialize in in business after that. BUT that might be put off if my knee doesn't behave I might be having another knee surgery after I finish my associates. I've had 2.5 surgeries on my one knee and sadly that has had a huge impact on my life. My first field and first love is Cosmetology. I have my degree and license and do hair here and there but my knees won't cooperate for full time.

So that brings me to my full time job- I own a business. Kinda inherited I guess you can say. My family asked me to sell all my aunts jewelry making supplies and some of her jewelry. So I do so on the internet- even have my own website. My largest store is on Etsy though and I've been lately doing a lot of sales on I didn't really like it at first except the hours which I choose, but it's growing on me. And I've learned more about beads than I imagined I would.

And in my spare time I hang out with the buns, play video games and volunteer with a local rabbit and small animal rescue. And right now I'm working on Maid of Honor stuff for my sister's wedding in December. Good times

Oh and if I get to watch TV, I like big bang, criminal minds, how I met your mother, and south park. I like bones and some other shows too but rarely see them and are so far behind its sad.

 EDIT: 1500th post on here! Guess I should say I always make time to come on BB

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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11/03/2012 5:09 PM
Goodness, FF. You're right, but it will be hard to think of you as anything but FF ;-). I'm Jacquelyn, btw.

User is Offline lmais
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11/03/2012 5:11 PM
I like how four of us forgot our names haha, good catch Anna. How awesome is Criminal Minds this season?! Love it!

I'm Lauren BTW

User is Offline Svandis
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11/03/2012 5:54 PM

My name is Svandis, I'm 18 y/o and I'm from Norway.

I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and I currently live 1,5 hours north in a medium sized city (huge compared to where I'm from which is basically a village). I've moved in with my BF of 1,5 years, Sondre (19 y/o - @Rabbitmaster here on BB), who is from the next town over from where I'm from. I go to school and study psychology (have my first exams on wednesday and friday, totally freaking out!), but I don't know yet what I really want to do with my life. Sondre is working. Our apt is a small one bedroom, but the livingroom and kitchen is open plan and it feels light and roomy, we also have a small back yard. We love it here. We have a rabbit, Bosse, and two guinea pigs (but one will be given to my sister). 

My hobbies include strength training (haven't really had a lot of extra time for exercising lately though due to school, but I trained pretty religiously for a few months and I plan on getting right back on track soon ). This is a hobby I share with the BF. I also enjoy reading, hanging with Bosse and the pigs, and watching tv shows (kind of an addict..). I enjoy shows like Six Feet Under, Nip/Tuck, Glee, Dexter, True Blood etc. We recently got Netflix in Norway and it is ruining my reading for the exams!! I have no self control. I'm also addicted to BB. Of course. 

 Me and the BF saying hi!

Would like to see some pics of you guys too, to match the names with faces But no pressure ofc. 

User is Offline Svandis
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11/03/2012 5:54 PM
Loving this thread btw!

User is Offline FrankieFlash
1715 posts Send Private Message
11/03/2012 6:42 PM

@Imais, I haven't seen it yet!

 And CM- I know I like our abbreviated names better. Much easier to remember and spell


Svandis, I'm glad you attached a picture. (you're very nice looking couple btw).

I just want to remind underage users we'd love to hear about you too but remember to censor correctly (no pictures of yourself, age telling, or last names and stuff- for your protection )

User is Offline bunnygirl
Western Australia
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11/03/2012 8:18 PM
Ill be the first minor shall I?

My name is Kate, and I live in Australia. We moved here 9...almost 10 months ago from England and I love it here. Hobbies include swimming, horse riding (6 years in the UK, 3 months out here ) reading, writing and more. I would like to one day take my horse riding into some sort of career, maybe training horses or running my own riding school or...well I would kind of like to go to the Olympics, but I don't know. When people talk about what they want to be at school, everybody has such easy to reach choices. Like lawyers or managers or chefs or doctors (I know, not exactly easy study wise, but easy compared to my dream!). I feel like me wanting to be at the Olympics is like wanting to be a Princess. But I won't give up, I'd like to compete, train and run my own riding school, and an writer in my spare time. I'm addicted to BinkyBunny, and I love talking to people on here. Your all so nice.
So...yeah, that's pretty much everything about me. Oh, and I get my bunny in about 2 weeks ^.^

- Kate
Slave to minilop Apollo!

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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11/03/2012 9:09 PM

My name is Brittany and I'm 25 years old. I live in Washington state (not to be mistaken with Washington DC!) in the USA. As of right now, I am a part time cashier at a grocery store and going to school full time (16 credits anyone) to become a Medical Assistant. I graduate in June, and my goals after that is to get a job (hopefully with an awesome boss), save up money, move out into an apartment with my boyfriend of 8 years, and take Chacha bun rabbit dating at a nearby shelter.

After I become an MA and gain experience, I want to go back for Nursing and possibly even more. One of my life long dreams is to travel the world: Anywhere from Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, ETC I am really intrigued with other cultures and how they live. I find it pretty interesting how they live their daily lives. Plus, I want to eat lots of good food! My dad was stationed in Greece in the 1980's and seeing the photos inspired me to see our big world!

I don't see myself getting married for a long while. I want to become a self reliant person and do incredibly awesome things. I also want to get involved with Bunnies in Baskets, a non profit that trains rabbits to go to places such as care homes and elderly folks' homes to provide some furry therapy. 

I'm pretty low maintenance and don't need much. In my spare time, I really enjoy playing video games (I'm currently playing Pokemon White 2 and am waiting for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which I will continue to play with the [MISS] clan I am in), working out, hanging out with my bunny, reading, cooking, and just sleeping. I enjoy drinking on occasion and vodka is my absolute favorite I'm a pretty random person.

I have 2 tattoos and 1 ear piercing. The first tattoo I got was back in January 2010, a month after losing my Mom to Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. The tattoo is of the teal ribbon with the Japanese character for "My Mom," next to it. My mom was half Japanese - and Chacha's given name is Japanese (Koucha), which is something I did to honor my Mom. The second is of a Persian Proverb "This too shall pass" is tattooed on my upper back. I got it on the 2nd anniversary of my Mom's passing last year. My grandma went along and thought it was the most awesome thing to get. She even said, "Who doesn't have a tattoo nowadays!?!" I love my Mom and I miss her dearly, but I want her to know that I'm working hard so that I can help people that went through the same things she had to.

Random Fact: I think I'm pretty short. My parents are both mixed, and my Dad is 6 foot tall, and my Mom was 5'9''.. and I ended up being just 5'5''. Oh, and I also have an Instragram that is devoted to Chacha bun pictures 

Here are some photos:

Did I mention that I met the Weasley Twins from Harry Potter? Don't kill me

People call this the "Mother / Daughter Wanted poster."


User is Offline sleepy538
new jersey
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11/04/2012 4:46 AM
i'm so glad everyone likes this thread! i am not happy, however, that at 29 i'm the oldest so far!!

i'm cheryl, btw

User is Offline bmt87
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11/04/2012 8:34 AM
Hi all! It's so weird to see everyone's names!

I'm Bri...I'm almost 25 and originally from outside of Pittsburgh. I did my undergrad at the University of South Carolina in Marine Science with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Go Gamecocks! I spent a little while working at SeaWorld Orlando before moving out to San Diego to go to grad school. I'm currently living with my boyfriend (and Lola!) while getting my Master's in Marine Science. So that pretty much is taking over my life right now. BB has been my outlet since I spend probably close to 12-14 hours a day on my computer between writing my thesis, analyzing data, and my part-time office job. :/

Hmmm other random things about me....I love football I used to be a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan (and still kinda am) but find myself loving college football more and more. I love to cook and read. I'm super OCD and would rather clean my apartment and organize then just about anything else in the world. I am a huge Christmas freak and am currently trying to refrain from decorating for at least another week! I have PCOS so if there are any members that suffer with it as well I would love to chat - It would be nice to have a buddy to talk to about it! I'm obsessed with the show American Horror Story - but think the first season was way better than the current season (aliens, really?).

User is Offline peppypoo
Forum Leader
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11/04/2012 9:08 AM
Oh I love when these threads pop up! Nice to meet you all .

I'm 23 years old, born in Taiwan but moved to Texas at an early age, and been here ever since! Went to college for degrees in psychology and human biology and a minor in Spanish (useful around these parts), and am currently in my second year of medical school. It's pretty nuts and kind of feels like trying to drink from a fire hose most of the time, but I like to think that Peppy keeps me sane - or more insane, jury's still out on that.

As for hobbies, I love listening to, playing, and writing music. I'm in a band with a few of my med school friends - we perform for some school events and also play the occasional show at bars/local live music venues when we can find the time..which unfortunately isn't as often as we'd like. I've been a lifelong bookworm, though I haven't read nearly as much as I'd like to in recent years since all I seem to do anymore is read textbooks haha. I also spend a few hours a week working as a research assistant to a doctor specializing in radiation oncology, which I think is really interesting! No guys in my life right now, but after getting out of an long-term relationship about a year ago I'm happy just doing things for myself and being single for a bit . Who needs guys when you have bunnies? (said the crazy bunny lady).
Tammo (RIP), Milo (RIP), Peppy, Remi

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
Forum Leader
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11/04/2012 11:22 AM

Oh, Sleepy, you are definitely not the oldest. I think I can say without a doubt that I am the oldest on BB. I am fifty-ahem. I got my first bunny when I was about 42, and didn't find the BB site until over 8 years later. I love that you guys are mostly 20-somethings. Makes me feel more like my real age, not my chronological age which is that of a middle-aged fart.

Edited to add more: I am single, which basically means I was spared the trouble of marrying and divorcing my ex-boyfriends.  I am devoted to my family, however, ie. siblings and parents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and old friends.

I have a background in the arts, and for 13 years I found an outlet for my creative skills in curatorial museum work. However, with the down-turned economy I was laid off last year and it became time to leave museums and try to transfer my skills into a more lucrative field. Which hasn't happened for me yet since the whole economy glitch has hit every field in the US so they aren't giving the opportunities to newbies they used to when people had those "transferable" skills. So I am still job hunting, though I have taken a part time receptionist job with my veterinarian this month. She only does birds and exotics, so I'm learning all new stuff there.

I have a BA degree, did theatre performance from Jr. high through summer stock in college. I have a portfolio of artwork, really like photography (taking the pix) and working with Photoshop and design software. I am a good writer, can do research, project management, hang exhibitions and create the brochures for them myself, lecture to the public and make PowerPoint presentations. I made my own website using Google sites.

I love mysteries. DVD's, books, TV, movies. Give me a good detective and a dead body and I'm happy. Must be the quadruple Scorpio in me.

OH, I almost forgot! My name is Pam.  

SPIKE, my snuggle bunny (aka Spikey Marbles)

User is Offline CydYoung
14 posts Send Private Message
11/04/2012 11:48 AM
I'm Cyd, 22 years old and still insanely shy, I mostly lurk -but I swear I'm not a creep!!- I'm from Oregon but I recently moved to Texas. I am currently helping my mother in law who is a dog sitter but I'm planning on going to beauty school to be a hair dresser like my mother. I spend a lot of time alone because my husband's job takes him away a lot of the time and Zsa Zsa keeps me company! She's my new best friend since I don't know many people in Texas. I do some amature modeling and photography as a hobby, I also LOVE to read. My favorite author is Stephen King but Vonnegut is a very close second. I'm also very into gaming, especially horror games. I'm a Silent Hill fanatic!

Brittany! Your bun looks almost exactly like my Zsa, only she's not a mini.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
16338 posts Send Private Message
11/04/2012 11:54 AM

Hello, all! **waves**

I like these threads too. I've started them quite a few times in the past. It's nice to get to know new members and sometimes get a re-fresher of some of the old members. 


I'm Stephanie. I'm 30 and live in New Brunswick, Canada. Been here my whole life. I'm married to the love of my life and we have a small and furry family. Two bunnies: Bindi Loo and Olivia (and Stormy who is no longer here but always in my heart), 2 cats, Savana and Andy and 1 horse, Winnie. I'm a total "Crazy Bunny Lady". I have a very special place in my heart for rabbits.

My hobbies are BB (obviously, I spend a lot of time here), horseback riding, embroidery, reading (I'm a huge historical fiction nut, especially Tudor England). My dream is to visit England and Scotland. I love any and all things cute. I'm a vegetarian and very passionate about animal rights. Total Rock N Roll girl. Love Game of Thrones. Coffee addict and chocaholic.

I'm a big dreamer and I don't handle stress well. I'm a very unique gal and have always done and worn what I feel like. Not into trends. I'm very creative and I consider myself a very loyal and caring person.


This is the most recent pic I have. Me and Winnie a few weekends ago.


Proud to be a Bunny Hugger and a voice for the voiceless

User is Offline Toady
NSW, Australia
186 posts Send Private Message
11/04/2012 12:24 PM

My name's Em and I'm pushing 30 (just over two weeks away) but apparently don't look it. I live in a rural town of about 4000 people about 10 km from the ocean as the crow flies, I'm not a beach person so rarely go there. I live in a subtropical part of the east coast of New South Wales and have lived in the same area all my life and the past 23 years in the same house... my mother got engaged and married a guy who happens to live 6 houses up the road so she moved in with him and I have the house to myself, 4 cats, 3 rabbits and a dog. I'm happily single, have no interest in marriage or having kids, I say I have a faulty maternal gene, I can't stand human kids but love all kinds of baby animals.

One of my hobbies is spinning wool and fibre into yarns, although I haven't done this for a while, lost my 'mojo' so to speak. I also studied agriculture and wool classing a few years ago and earlier this year was asked to judge rabbit fleeces at the big Sydney Royal Show... pretty much I looked at small samples of angora and swiss fox fleeces and judged them against each other. As far as I know I'm the only one who's judged the actual bunny fluff 'off rabbit' and have now judged at two major shows, who knows where I'll go with this!

Other than that I'm currently studying and hoping to get a decent job from it, I was working at a supermarket but as a casual they cut all my hours back to nothing and has been so since the middle of June. Here's hoping 2013 is a better year!

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
4366 posts Send Private Message
11/04/2012 2:54 PM
Old and crusty and living in Western Australia. I pay the morgage for 5 cats and 5 rabbits to rule the house.
Currently (and for the long foreseeable future) I manage the Occupational Health, Injury Management and HR for Australia's largest wholesale nursery. (I also do the payroll, which keeps me pretty busy too) Born in Sydney have travelled most of Australia during my time in the armed sevices where I learned and developed the skills that put me in my current employment. My home and garden are currently a shambles and I need to make some time to get it looking clean and tidy again. I use to work in clay but time has been a bit short lately, I hope to crank up my potters wheel again before the year ends or at the very least hand raise some dragons for the people who have been waiting patiently for them. Oh, and the last couple of years I have lost over 30 kg / 60 pounds after discovering I am gluten/wheat intolerant. No current photo's at the moment.
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