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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Help! Can't keep bunny out of bird's area!??
Last Post by Bones at 11/06/2012 9:49 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Mimzy
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11/02/2012 10:50 AM

For a while, it wasn't a problem and a 1 grid tall wall was working just fine to keep Mimzy out of my bird's area. The reason I don't want her over there is because of the mess he makes ie: seed, his pellet food, other food/treats, & droppings/ I have a small tray at the bottom of his cage that catches most of it. Which is lined with paper, that way I can just roll it up and toss it out when it's dirty.

So lately Mimzy found out she can hop right over that 1 grid. I walked into my room and couldn't find her! Found her on my bird's area chewing up her vet reciept from her say >.< I guess that's what she thought of the visit 

So I now have the wall 2 grids tall but she is very determined!! Here's a pic:

His cage is in the closet and as you can see, the grids are at an angle from her cage to the bird's cage. The grids extend a little farther behind the wall so that there is no opening but she will stay there and shake the grids until she gets it open. His perch is right there too and I was trying to put it against the grids to keep her from getting over. (I've tried it on both sides of the grid wall) But she still gets it open.

 I just put nails in the wall and bent them around one of the wires on the grid but I don't think it's going to hold. Any ideas on anything else I can do? My ideal for this would be to figure out some kind of tray that can hook onto his cage around the mid-section. That way, all of his droppings will land in the tray and Mimzy won't be able to reach it. That way I won't have to have the grid wall at all. Unfortunately, I can't figure out a way to make the tray. He has a large flight cage. I don't feel like the trays they make for bird cages are out far enough to catch all his stuff.

 I hope this makes sense!!

Also, I guess they both like each other's cages because I can't seem to keep him off of her cage either >.< He flies onto her cage and hangs there right next to her while she eats. I tried hanging water bottles all over her cage since he's scared of them. He just finds another place to go -.-


Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Also, I'm unable to keep them in separate rooms, not possible at all

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User is Offline Stickerbunny
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11/03/2012 10:06 AM
His cage looks like an HQ flight? Looks a lot like mines cage.

What I do to keep my buns who are also obsessed with the bird stuff (THEY WANT SEEDS NOW !) is I use tall baby gate panels with a 25lb weight (use for my boyfriends weight set!) against them / the wall so they can't push the panels away at all to squeeze through. But you can also contain bird mess a bit with something like that... it just lines the side of the cage and blocks all the seeds etc from being thrown out. Problem is, you can't line the entire thing with vinyl since your birdy needs air.

User is Offline jerseygirl
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11/03/2012 8:26 PM

Would covering her side of the grid wall with coroplast help? So she can't grip the grids with her teeth and move it?
If its wider then the gap and she pushes, the wall and furniture should prevent it from pushing inward.  She may be able to nose her way around the barrier at the wall end though unless you put a weight up against it. Hope I'm making sense...

Im also looking for a thread that had a nifty NIC grid door barrier someone had made. I'm not sure it will work in your space though as it was more for a door frame.


ETA: It's in this thread toward the end of the series of pictures. There's also a diagram further down.

Hope you can see the pictures. For some reason I can't on the PC but I can on my phone.

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User is Offline Mimzy
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11/05/2012 10:50 AM
weights are a good idea! My dad has plenty And thanks jerseygirl, I was able to see the photos, that's a very cool little tutorial thread. I actually ended up altering the NIC grid gate very similar to that even before seeing it xD hehe. So thanks guys! I think I finally got the gate down to where she can't get through
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User is Offline Bones
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11/06/2012 9:49 PM
I had the same problem so I bought one of those plastic trays that go under plant pots to catch water and I use that for my birds seeds/pellets and I have not had anymore bird food on the floor but the tray on my cage is 3" tall so that also helps keep in the seeds/pellets.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > THE LOUNGE > Help! Can't keep bunny out of bird's area!??

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