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Last Post by lmais at 10/26/2012 2:05 PM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline lmais
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10/21/2012 4:26 PM

So my bun already has a big play space, but I want to extend it with pieces from a C&C cage. The cage she has now isn't a C&C and has really small spaces between the bars so I don't know how big I can go. I found two websites that sell the pieces and connectors but the bar spacing is 1 3/8" spacing and one is a bit bigger at 1 1/2" spaces. 

The cage she has now is 1" spacing, and she already tries to stick her little nose through when she wants to get something.

Are these bar spacings going to be safe for her? If I expand the area I'd like to leave it open for her to go back and forth while I'm not at home.


User is Offline SirThumpsey
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10/22/2012 7:34 AM
I'm guessing the smaller would be better...I would be afraid that she would be able to squeeze through...but even at 1.5 inch spaces I can't imagine she could...Then again I don't know much about your bun. How big is your bun? If it was a little girl I would be more worried.

I'm dumb, What does C&C mean?

User is Offline bullrider76543
Joplin MO
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10/22/2012 7:45 AM
Smaller is definitely better, as I have a NIC cage and Raven can fit almost half her face through the squares. I worry about her sometimes but (knock on wood) she has done fine so far.
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User is Offline lmais
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10/22/2012 9:38 AM

I'll be honest, I don't know what C & C stands for, but it is basically a cage that you put together yourself using grids and connectors. She's just over 4lbs, and she's a little dwarf rabbit. (if you want to see it heres the link: - no advertising intended :p)

It's hard to say if her head would fit through... but with the 1" spacing she can fit about a quarter inch of her nose through the bars to chew on them when she wants something. On the website for the one with the smaller spacing it says that  1 3/8ths inch is the safe spacing, but for guinea pigs not for buns. I can't seem to find anywhere what the safe spacing is for buns before I purchase

I've seen lots of videos on youtube of people who have purchased the grids from the same website and their bunny's seem happy, but I want to be sure before I buy anything. 

User is Offline lmais
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10/22/2012 10:06 AM
When I think about it, 3/8 inch is really not much of a difference, but it would give me peace of mind to know

User is Offline lmais
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10/26/2012 2:05 PM
UPDATE! I spoke to Ruby's vet and she said that up to 1 1/2 inch bar spacing is safe for rabbits - including smaller buns like my little dwarf EXCEPT for younger rabbits. 1 1/2 inch is safe only once buns are fully grown, when they are babies and still growing, the spacing should be 1" or less
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