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Last Post by FancyQuinn at 10/18/2012 5:28 PM (5 Replies)
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User is Offline FancyQuinn
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10/17/2012 2:59 PM

Hey guys! So I thought I would pose this question to the masses to see what the consensus is on how Quinn and I should handle winter break this December/January. I have over a month off from school, and obviously will be flying home to see my parents for a portion of the break. 

My issue is how to set Quinn up for when I'm gone OR to possibly take her with me in the cabin of the plane I'll be flying home in (it's a nonstop 3hr flight). There isn't anyone here over the break (for obvious reasons, everyone goes home for Christmas), so my only other option is driving her to a friend's house about 3.5 hrs away and leaving her there for around 2-3 weeks. She's made that drive before with little hassle (and will be making it anyway since I'll be flying out of there anyhow), and has spent a week with my friend in the past. It wasn't too bad, the drive was actually the best part for her. My friend's apartment includes two dogs, so consequently Quinn is confined to a small NIC cage with a small xpen attached in the guest room. She can't be in the living room because the dogs freak out and try to get her (she's unfazed by them for the most part, but they are pretty crazy). Thus, she doesn't have a lot of social interaction and very little time to run around as my friend works all the time.

What do you guys think? Should I just leave her with my friend, or should I try and see if I can take her with me on the plane? She does well in the car and has never had trouble adjusting to new environments but obviously has never been on a plane before. I am concerned about flying with her and mostly being away from her for that long a period of time, but I don't know if one would be more stressful than the other. The one week I was gone she was pretty rebellious and destroyed a good portion of my friend's baseboards as well as forgot all her usually impeccable litterbox habits. 

I have some time to figure it out, but I really wanted to get some input from people who might have perhaps had this issue before or have some good advice. 

Please assist a poor graduate student and her baby girl, see she even helps me on my thesis: 

User is Offline mocha200
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10/17/2012 4:38 PM
"Imagine being a small animal inside a roaring, quivering airplane for several hours. Your ears may pop, probably for the first tirne in your life. The air on the floor where your box sits is hot and stuffy, or maybe quite cold. When finally let out, you're in a totally unfamiliar place. Ask yourself, is this an experience your rabbit really needs? (B. Woolbright, HRJ, Vol.2, #12). Yes, if it is the only way to get your rabbit to a new home with your family. Perhaps, if you are going on a trip longer than a month. Probably not if you will be gone less than a month.

This is from the HRS about air traveling under this page:

From what they say here I would not take my rabbit on the plane if you only going to be gone a month. I would personally leave her with your friend. In the article listed above it talks about leaving your rabbit with someone else. It may help you prepare.

She will be fine being in a smaller cage for a month especially if having an xpen too! My rabbits went from being free range 24/7 to being caged and they have adjusted very well! I see them flopped out all the time!

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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10/18/2012 1:20 AM
I agree with Mocha. I would avoid a plane, if you have another option. I'm sure it's hard to leave her but as long as your friend is trustworthy, I think that's the option I would take.

She's such a beautiful girl.
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User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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10/18/2012 5:19 AM
I would definitely leave her with your friend. That is very convenient that you are flying out of the same area she lives! If it were for several months or for a permanent move, only then would I fly with her. But for only a month, she will be just fine with your friend. Limited exercise will have to suffice. It's only short-term.
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User is Offline tanlover14
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10/18/2012 6:07 AM
Very hard decision. I would probably leave her with your friend if you know for SURE that she is reliable and will take good care of Quinn. It seems she has done very well with her in the past though!

She's so beautiful! I'm surprised she hasn't eaten your thesis to shreds! My buns have a problem with destroying all my letters, my books, well... everything.
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User is Offline FancyQuinn
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10/18/2012 5:28 PM
Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I think I was leaning towards leaving her and your input has definitely helped me make that final decision. I'll just make sure she has plenty of safe space in her guest room and I imagine it will be fine. @Mocha -- thanks for the link, I believe you're right about leaving her. I'm sure she'll adjust to a smaller space with little problem! @littlepuffytail -- thanks for the input, and the compliment! She's very pretty to me, too! @Beka -- yes it is super convenient to fly out of there plus I am definitely someone who prefers nonstop flights, so everything works out! @tanlover -- thank you! I think she's rather photogenic myself. And yeah, haha she is pretty destructive but only likes the corners of printed papers, so my thesis has been safe (thus far). I still have to be very careful or things get chewed before I even realize she's gotten into something, lol.
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