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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > Welcome ! > Introducing Quinn and Tate!
Last Post by Quinn&Tate at 10/22/2012 8:06 AM (13 Replies)
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User is Offline Quinn&Tate
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9/26/2012 1:02 AM

So I just got my very first bunnies 3 weeks ago! I have owned and fostered guinea pigs for a few years and now that I have the extra space had been thinking about getting a bunny. I was doing some research when I heard about the Bunny Magic rescue in Maryland that got shut down for hoarding. Over a hundred bunnies were taken into custody at the animal shelter and kept in their barn. I went to the shelter and fell in love with a male and female pair, and they became the first two adopted out

The girl, Quinn, is the explorer and loves to eat! The boy, Tate, loves to play with all his toys and is completely devoted to Quinn. They snuggle and groom each other, it is the cutest thing. 

And of course, pictures! Any idea what breed they may be? They are each a little under 6 lbs. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/26/2012 3:51 AM
Welcome to BB! They are so cute!! They look like they are both mixes. One of them looks like he's got some lop in him; and the dark circles around the other's eyes looks hotot.

User is Offline FrankieFlash
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9/26/2012 5:17 AM
Welcome to BB! What a great thing you did giving them a good home and I love bunny owners who do their research. Heck, I still research things from time to time I'm assuming they are fixed right?
Anywhoo welcome and don't be afraid to post more pix!

User is Offline Quinn&Tate
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9/26/2012 9:14 AM

Ah, yes, sorry should have included that they are both spayed and neutered. I was told they were when I adopted them, and I also took them into work for an exam (I'm a vet assistant) and had it confirmed as well. 

Also I didn't say which one was which, in the pictures. Tate is the one with the black around his eyes and Quinn is the one with 1 ear down and 1 up

User is Offline bunnyfriend
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9/26/2012 9:48 AM
Welcome too BB and congratulations on the new bunnies!!! They are so lucky that you that they were rescued and that you chose to adopt them. I agree with the others, they look like mixes They are both cuties!
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User is Offline RaspberryTarts
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10/01/2012 2:53 AM

Welcome, fellow GLer!  

User is Offline Rincin
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10/01/2012 6:31 AM

Cute bunnys.

User is Offline bullrider76543
Joplin MO
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10/01/2012 8:50 AM
Welcome to BB, cute buns!!
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User is Offline Quinn&Tate
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10/02/2012 11:01 AM

I'm in the process of moving their cage into the living room where I am most of the time. Quinn is not happy with me! 

Here she is pouting in the spot the cage used to be in. She really gets an attitude with me lol. I did nail trims yesterday and she thumped at me and turned her butt to me and wouldn't look at me. 


User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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10/02/2012 11:52 AM
Welcome to you and your two beautiful bunnies.

I heard about Bunny Magic. What a sad situation. How wonderful of you to help out.
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User is Offline tanlover14
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10/02/2012 3:43 PM
Welcome to BB -- and what gorgeous little buns!!!! I love Quinns one up, one down ear!! And I know about those nail trimming problems!!! Hahahaha. My buns come out of the bunny hold nail clipping position with their fur everywhere and a wild look in their eyes.
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User is Offline FancyQuinn
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10/17/2012 4:12 PM
Welcome to BB--love your choice of name for your female bun! My little girl is named Quinn, too. Tate is very cute as well, they make a super sweet pair. Just out of curiosity, why did you pick the name Quinn??

User is Offline Kayle
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10/17/2012 7:27 PM
Welcome!! They are the cutest! ^_^ I love their markings.

User is Offline Quinn&Tate
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10/22/2012 8:06 AM

Working in the veterinary field I hear some of the same names over and over again, so I try to come up with something different for my pets. (For example my cat is Giuseppe and my guinea pigs are Nancy, Cosette, and Karen) So for the bunnies I went through tons of names. I had about 20 picked out that I liked but none of them really fit. I always thought the name Matilda was cute, so I googled that and found a clothing company called Matilda and Quinn. I liked Quinn (I liked it ever since watching the show Daria with her sister Quinn) so I looked up other Q names and for a day or 2 Tate was Quigley. But Quigley and Quinn were too close and I kept calling them both Quinnley lol. So I started thinking of shows I liked and named Tate from American Horror Story. 

Quinn is very demanding! The minute I walk in the house I'm expected to open their pen. She runs up and hits the door to the pen and won't stop, lol. She loves to eat and knocks poor Tate out of the way when I bring veggies. He just sits and patiently waits until she is done. She likes to run around the whole apartment and he likes to stay in or near the pen. 

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