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Last Post by Svandis at 9/13/2012 5:42 AM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Svandis
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9/10/2012 1:00 AM

So, me and my bf slept in the living room where Bosse's cage is yesterday, and that went wonderful. Bosse just came over to us for kisses once in a while, and the rest of the time he was playing around (I just let him run around as he wanted to, didn't feel the need to lock him in his cage).

We did it again tonight and MAAN, he ha just been running around like a crazy person (bunny) I think they are all binkys and zooms, but he has been at it all night! He has recently discovered the sofa aswell, and has been jumping up and down it all night, using me as a springboard!

Now I look like this:

What are you saying? I didn't do anything.

So basicly I have just been coverinig myself with my blanket all night!

Bosse has always been sort of "the quiet one", but lately he has been exploring more and more I think it might be because me and my bf have been spending a lot of bonding time with him since mathias died a week ago.

I'm hoping he is just being an über happy bun! If not, then he is going totally bonkers. 

User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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9/10/2012 10:03 AM
Hahaha yup, bunnies are really active late at night and will do crazy things!

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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9/11/2012 3:08 AM
Aww...I'm glad he's a happy bunny.
My RB Babies....forever in my heart

User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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9/12/2012 5:53 AM
Be sure to squeal in a high pitched voice when he scratches you, especially on the face. They don't know that they've hurt you until you scream like a rabbit. He will be sorry, and may remember to be more gentle as he grows older. He sure is cute in that pix!
SPIKE, my snuggle bunny (aka Spikey Marbles)

User is Offline Svandis
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9/13/2012 5:42 AM
I really don't think he was doing it on purpose, and I was too tired to even realize what was going on really But I do squeal if he tries to taste my pj's (he loooves tasting my pj's for some reason). Now he just bonks them with his nose
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