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Last Post by FourTerrors at 9/09/2012 12:07 AM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline FourTerrors
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9/08/2012 5:36 PM
He has produced excess cecals since we got him. Diet issues were obviously first to mind so I tried a number of different things to no avail. Eventually I read an article that said a hay only diet can at least rule out diet as a cause but can also reset their GI flora. I discussed it with my vet and we put him on often hay only with no treats, greens or oxbow pellets. He was on it for three weeks and still produces a really large amount of them. Some days it is as much as a cup of cecals.  Now my vet has rung one of the top clinics in the country (Australia) who said that nothing could be done, it wasn't a problem, it was just him. Does anyone know of treatment options for this? I would love for him to not have poopy butt any more. It would also make it easier for him to live with another bun friend.

User is Offline BB
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9/08/2012 11:00 PM
I used to have a bunny that also had chronic poopy-butt, and though it lessened with a stricter diet, I did find myself doing poopbutt washes many times per week. She got so used to it though, that I could hold her in one arm, but her bum under the faucet, and could clean her off in two minutes. However, I am sure this is still not ideal. Are her poos larger in size? Or does she make just one big large glop or are her cecals larger but separate still?

Have you ever heard of cow-pie syndrome aka: Megacolon? Not sure if this is what is really going on here. Other members who may have had to deal with this will hopefully pipe in.

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/08/2012 11:19 PM
All my buns have mega cecal moments particularly Blossom who would sit in them, I adjusted their greens. They still have quite a lot but I have reduced the celery, bok choy and grass and they have a lot more wild fennel and Kale(on the HRS recommended list) since they have had the fennel Blossom does not have a dirty bottom. I also cut out curley parsley and only give flat leaf, in addition to that they now have meadow hay as well as oat hay.

User is Offline FourTerrors
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9/09/2012 12:07 AM

Note that after eating only hay for three weeks he still produced excess cecals, is it even possible for it to still be diet related? Maybe the fennel actually does something good for the tract or something?. I don't think megacolon fits because Fred is not actually sick. He's otherwise happy at the moment. He also does produce normal round pellety poos that are absolutely normal. He has had a history of an increased liver result in his blood work when we first got him but he's not got any other problems.

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