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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > Oh Snap. Turns out she isn't a she.
Last Post by jerseygirl at 9/11/2012 7:43 AM (11 Replies)
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User is Offline lobsterandi
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9/06/2012 8:16 PM

Tonight I was making one of my bunnies dance when I glimpsed something... strange.

 And, uh. Well. I reached under there and felt her up and found out that she isn't a she. 

 When we ended up with these two, we were told they were both girls. I had a vet friend check for me also and was told again that they were both girls. But either Poobah carries around some furry marbles or else she's a boy!

I'm no rabbit expert, but I feel like I can distinguish testicles from no testicles! lol

So here comes my question. What do I do now? I have them separated (d'uh) but what if it's already too late? I'd seen Poobah mounting Lady but I wrote it off as a dominance display type of thing. My female dog frequently mounts other dogs and I just.. uh.. well, I guess I was stupid. I admit it!

My reading thus far has said it'd be humane to get her spayed anyway, pregnant or not right now. And I know there are so many bunnies looking for homes, but honestly.. I don't know if I could kill her babies! Would the babies be deformed since they're litter mates? Maybe continuing with her spay appointment next Friday is the right thing to do. I just don't know.

Internet penny for your thoughts?

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/06/2012 9:26 PM
(Sung in a lilting tone) Memorieeeeeeeess....da de dah de dum de dah....................
By the time I realised that only one had indoor plumbing and the other outdoor, Pepper was racing around the play area with a mouth full of straw and paper. I thought "he" had been getting a bit pudgy and Piglet was looking smug, but the penny hadn't dropped.
I advocate a visit to the vet, or you could try palpating her tummy yourself if you feel confident.
Being litter mates will not cause deformities, bunnies are built to breed and whilst constant inbreeding will cause eventual problems a one off should not.
The moral issue is something you must answer for yourself and I can certainly understand how you feel, I honestly don't know if I could have terminated Peppers babies if I had fore warning. However, rehoming babies is also heartbreaking and I constantly wanted to wrestle people to the ground and retrieve my babies before they could drive away.
Get in checked out and see where you stand, you might be really lucky and they haven't managed to make little furry mischief balls yet.

User is Offline Hunny's Momma
Beautiful New England
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9/07/2012 3:00 AM
That's what happened to me, well sorta - Hunny was suppose to be a boy but turned out to be female & Ash was suppose to be a boy, then I was told was a female BUT is in fact a male... It's SO hard to tell with buns when they are little.  Good thing you have them seperated, & hopefully they were both still too young when the "mounting" occured... & yea once they drop & u've seen one pair on an animal you've seen them all, lol.  I know the day I seen Ash's I was so excited! I wanted a male Flemmie SO bad! BUT now that his lil' bunny hormones have kicked in... I'm counting down the days till he's snipped!  Pre-neuter appt tomorrow & hopefully the deed will be done next week!   Good luck with yours & Lady is in fact prego personally I feel going ahead with the spay would be the best thing for everyone, there are already too many buns in this world that aren't cared for & idk about you but I don't think I could handle more then 2 giant bunnies...

User is Offline Sarita
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9/07/2012 3:43 AM
It would be impossible for you to tell if she is pregnant, it really would. If it were me, I would schedule an emergency spay letting the clinic know she may be pregnant. Honestly too, inbreeding is bad, very bad and I know you aren't wanting little ones anyway.

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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9/07/2012 3:45 AM
It is so hard to sex baby bunnies, even experienced breeders and vets can get it wrong. This is one of the biggest issues with getting two baby bunnies at once. You really have no clue what sexes they are, sometimes until it's too late.

I think a vet visit is a good idea. I also advocate emergency spaying in cases like this, IF it's done soon enough. Rabbit gestation is only about 30 days, so you have a very small window of when I (personally) believe it is humane to do. A vet will be able to palpate her stomach and either give you the go-ahead for the spay, or will let you know if babies are imminent.
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User is Offline lobsterandi
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9/07/2012 6:26 AM
Well, I called the vet and next week is the earliest they will spay her because of her age. So, I guess we'll see what they say then. Oops!

I am hoping they're just too young. Especially because if there are babies, I know I will want to keep them. The two I've already got take up a ton of space and a third of my grocery bill, so I can't do that!  Worst case scenario, I've now got a contact with a couple members of the House Rabbit chapter here and they can help me out.

However, on second thought, maybe before I panicked about all of this I should've checked to make sure that Lady isn't also a manly man with giant rabbit balls.  LOL

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/07/2012 6:36 AM
It is good to check, the only reason I didn't see Piglets luggage is because he is french angora.

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/07/2012 6:42 AM
It is also good she is too young to spay as it is possible that she cannot conceive yet.

User is Offline lobsterandi
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9/08/2012 6:10 PM

Well, we're going to take them both in next Friday and spay/neuter unless any births seem eminent before then. I'm going to just tell the vet I don't want to know about it if there are babies.

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/08/2012 9:20 PM
That's a good idea........ That way you won't have to stress or go through the trauma of birth or rehoming, thrust me both are as hard on us emotionally especially after you see them all playing together. I think you have made the best decision for all concerned. Besides first litters often don't end well, with still borns and other problems. Just remember to keep every one apart until Lady is healed as even though Lady will be non fertile Poobahs hormones are going to take a while to settle and he will still try to mount her for a month or more.

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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9/08/2012 10:46 PM
Is there any way you can call your vet and let him/her know the issue as a week in a 30 day gestation period is actually pretty long. Maybe your vet would agree, under the circumstances, to get her in sooner.

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/11/2012 7:43 AM
Theres only a small window of opportunity to palpitate also. I think two weeks in? And either side of that its difficult to feel anything is what I'd read.

You weren't silly assuming it was dominance. Rabbits do that too.

You've done a lot by taking in these two. so I really hope for your sake there are no rabbit babies.
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