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Last Post by TBpony414 at 9/06/2012 6:05 PM (14 Replies)
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User is Offline MimzMum
Southwest Oregon
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9/05/2012 3:23 PM
The vet that has been so wonderful with the bunnies as well as all my other pets has suddenly left our practice.
I am gutted, to be honest. I was just there with my dogs and she didn't mention it. I knew she had plans to go eventually but thought they were years away yet. She is irreplaceable when it comes to how well she cared for my pets. I don't know what I'll do without her.
A very sad day for me. I considered her a friend and she will be greatly missed by all my furkids who, while never enjoying their doctor's office...definitely did well with her as their physician.

Not sure what I'll do now. May have to look into another practice but one way or the other I feel like I'm having to start all over again.

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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9/05/2012 3:53 PM
That sucks big time No word why she left?

User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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9/05/2012 4:00 PM
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. =( I don't know what I would do if that happened. My vet is 30 mins away and the next closest one is and hour and 45 mins away. =O There are vets around but not bunny vets and none that I will trust with my rabbits. I have had horrific experiences with vets in the past with rabbits. I am thankful to have a good one now.

GL on what ever you end up doing.

User is Offline TBpony414
Washington, DC
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9/05/2012 5:47 PM
I would be gutted if this happened to me Hopefully she has a unique name. Can you look her up online and give her a call? I'm sure something happened between her and the owner of the practice, otherwise she would have never just left without saying a word. Hope you can get in touch with her!

User is Offline Mimzy
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9/05/2012 6:10 PM
So sorry! That's definitely not good to hear I agree with TBpony, if it seems like it was a sudden thing and no reason, I'm also wondering if something happened with the owner. hmm... =/
I found a great vet for my bird and he's done great with him for years now, I would have no idea where to start as well if that happened. Very sorry to hear this, best of luck to you and your pets, I really hope you're able to contact her somehow or find someone just as great.
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User is Offline LBJ10
Bunny Name Master
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9/05/2012 7:24 PM
That is awful, I'm sorry. I like my vet so I don't think I would be happy if she suddenly left either.

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/05/2012 9:03 PM
Oh MM, I'm really sorry!

You may still be able look her up yet.

I agree with Mimzy (the bb member) that it makes you wonder if something has happened with practice owner. She might not even be allowed to tell clients that she's leaving. Or it has been a sudden decision in the end.

If you can't continue to see her elsewhere, can she recommend someone for you?
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User is Offline MimzMum
Southwest Oregon
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9/06/2012 2:40 AM
She decided to attend uni full time according to the receptionist I spoke with.
I'm going to make up a nice card for her with all the babies on it and a big WE'LL MISS YOU on it and some personal contact info on it and drop it at the office as suggested by the receptionist today. They all have remained friends with my vet and promise to pass it on to her when they see her next.
Between this and losing my dental vet last year I'm pretty dismal about finding another good exotics vet...they simply don't come to remote places like Alaska...although with our weather there are SO many folks here who keep small animals for pets.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
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9/06/2012 3:04 AM
I'm so sorry, Mimz. I would feel the same way if I lose my rabbit vet. ***Hugs*** Good luck finding a new vet.
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User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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9/06/2012 7:15 AM
Try to find a way to contact her privately, or hand your card to her directly and NOT via their receptionist. You want her to let you know if she will be in practice elsewhere, either now or after she graduates.
At risk of insulting the receptionist, her statement may not be the truth. My former bosses, after laying me off with no notice (they needed the money for a new Manager and a set of computers) had the nerve to tell my volunteer staff that "I had decided to explore opportunities elsewhere." Only because some volunteer friends knew the truth did I get the real story known - which prompted 4 volunteers to quit in disgust without my knowledge or urging. I was so touched by their loyalty and anger on my behalf.
So, stay in touch with her without the practice middle man. Their biggest fear is to lose their patients to her. They'll make it hard for you to get her personal contact info. You can just ask for her home address for your Christmas card list, then mail her a private note with your contact info. and a clear statement about how much you like her. You may even offer to act as a reference for her school or future job placements. Or call and ask to speak to her and ask her for her private cell phone number or home address. Get it from her - no one else. Then also ask her for a vet she would recommend.
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User is Offline Sarita
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9/06/2012 7:30 AM
That sounds frustrating MM. I'm sure you are right about the reason she is leaving, probably was not what she expected in Alaska...I doubt it's for everyone although I have known people who lived in Alaska, loved it and wanted to go back.

I doubt that they will give you any personal contact info for her though as most business don't do that and for good reason. I'm sure the receptionist will pass on your card to her though and hopefully she will get in contact or you can try to google her information and try to get in touch yourself.

User is Offline MimzMum
Southwest Oregon
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9/06/2012 10:42 AM
Thank you for your suggestions and support everyone. It means so much.

The more I noodle this the more I wonder...the whole practice went through a huge change in the last few years and moved to a newer, bigger and rumouredly highly expensive building. I began to receive emails from what seems to be some kind of CEO either wanting surveys filled out or to remind me to refill certain prescriptions and those now had drug manufacturer's coupons that I get mailed every month. I always asked for this particular vet and this may have given some indication that I wasn't interested in having other vets see my animals. My vet is not the only one to leave either, one other is said to have 'moved back down south to be closer to family' and there are at least four new vets on staff I've never seen nor heard of before. And there are many new nurses and receptionists there that I don't know (one nurse in particular is very good and I do like her) and there is also the other vet who saved one of our dogs from GDV still there whom I am scheduling my cat with for urinary issues this weekend...he just doesn't see exotics.
After doing some research I fear politics may indeed be at work, (more like a cabal) but some of the changes may also be due to a new university program to try to encourage local vet students to come back to Alaska to practice after vet finishing school in Colorado.
All I know is she's gone to study. I don't believe she's leaving Alaska necessarily, her major indicates not. She also said as much in our conversations. I realize that could change but I kind of hope not. Even if she doesn't return as a vet or set up her own practice (I have some property going spare she could use ) I'd just like to keep in touch because she is a friend. She saved Shadow's life back in 09 and that alone was enough for me. The extra year we had with him was all because of her. If they have turfed her out it is their loss.
I do think I can find her through the uni, but fear I would be overstepping my bounds doing so...yet I realize handing a card to the office could be a wrong choice as well.
*sigh* It's a huge dilemma. And I really hope she didn't leave because of anything I said or did...especially since Mimzy's headtilt...I can be a colossal pest, you know, but I just wouldn't want her kindnesses to me to have prompted her dismissal instead of her leaving for her own reasons. :'(

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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9/06/2012 10:55 AM
Oh MM! of course it wouldn't have been anything to do with you!

I just remembered LinkedIn. That might be another way to contact her in future.

There's always a chance new vets coming in (if there are now openings) will have exotics knowledge and a good "bedside manner". Fingers crossed!
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User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/06/2012 3:52 PM
Have you looked to see if she is on Facebook or Twitter, try doing a general Google search, she may have a blog you could contact her through.

User is Offline TBpony414
Washington, DC
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9/06/2012 6:05 PM
MM, rest assured that it was nothing you did that caused her to leave the practice. I just remembered that several years ago my back-up bunny vet left my exotic's clinic very mysteriously and quickly. I had just seen her (the back-up vet) about something a few days before she left and she didn't say a word to me. I am good friends with the receptionist there and it turns out there was some sort of major falling out with the clinic owner and she decided to resign. She now works at another exotic clinic about an hour from here.

Find a way to privately contact your vet - if she is indeed going off to school, she will surely know someone else who she can recommend to take care of your menagerie.
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