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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > bunny burrito?! how to clip nails??
Last Post by Mimzy at 9/08/2012 7:47 AM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline DutchBunniesFtw
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9/03/2012 7:27 AM

okay so yesterday i tried putting milo in a bunny burrito and it worked! but i had to move him onto a table in the dining room cause when i tried doing it in my room he would just freak out and scurry away. anyway yesterday i clipped his front nails? like on his front paws. my question is how do i do clip his back nails/ clean his scent glands? cause you know how when you put your bunny in a burrito you have to fold the towel over their back? i dont want to unfold it and then him freak out and possibly hurt himself? or will he be calm as long as he is on his back? thanks! also the reason why i want to clean his scent glands is because the other day he was on my bed and i was petting him and there was some dark brown substance on my blanket? just a little but it smelled horrible so i got to thinking and was like hm maybe its his scent glands!

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
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9/04/2012 2:48 AM
I'm glad the burrito method worked well for you.

Personally, for clipping back nails and scent glands I use the 2 man method. I get my hubby to hold the bunny like he's burping a baby and I do the nails and glands that way. It's more difficult than trancing but safer as many bunnies freak out when you try to put them on their back. Olivia is the only one I trance to do anal glands because she does it super easily. Just make sure your helper puts a towel over his/her shirt so they don't get full of bunny skunk smell when you do the glands.

Do you have someone that can give you a hand during bunny "spa" day? If my bun is very stressed out, I use the 2 man method and burrito their front hands so they can't scramble over Rick's shoulder.
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User is Offline megrat7
Otown, Fl USA
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9/06/2012 9:31 AM
How long have you had him? I usually use the 2 man approach, but I have done it all myself before. Its not easy, but I've had Indy for years and I think that helps. I saw a video about standing them up on the hind legs and holding them firmly to clip nails but I cant find it! Use a smaller hand towel for the burrito so you can wrap it around just enough to keep him snug and still have access to everything you need. And definitely try to do it out of their normal comfort zone. I try to take Indy to a place he doesn't normally have access to, hes less inclined to freak out or want to go explore/hide. Hope this helps!

User is Offline Mimzy
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9/08/2012 7:47 AM
2 man method sounds good! Definitely give it a try if you have someone to help?

Mimzy freaks out when I try to put her in a burrito I have to take her to an unfamiliar room & do it the hard way...hold her safely & clip. She wiggles a little though so I have to keep changing positions

She's due for one now but I might just let the vet do that on monday when I take her in

I'll have to practice the burrito again sometime
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > HOUSE RABBIT Q & A > bunny burrito?! how to clip nails??

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