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Last Post by Skipper's Mama at 10/01/2012 7:41 AM (271 Replies)
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User is Offline bullrider76543
Joplin MO
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9/06/2012 4:15 AM
I agree with cinnabonmom, lol all mine would have the bananna too LOL. cute pic lol I saw that one too on facebook lol
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User is Offline FrankieFlash
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9/06/2012 5:11 AM
S&L's Human!!!! We did miss you! I was wondering where you went. Glad to hear everything is well now.

I think I'm on Bunjamin's dirt list. Meaning I mean no more to him than dirt. Gotta go buy some carrots or bananas or something

User is Offline Toady
NSW, Australia
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9/06/2012 11:35 AM
Doing a hay run today, good hay around here is hard to find because most places only sell alfalfa/lucerne hay for horses or straw for bedding, so when I noticed a feed store about 40 minutes north said that they had a few pallets of beardless barley hay in I thought I'd grab a bale to see how Ash and Loki like it, thinking as they love oat hay they should enjoy barley. I'm amazed that I've gone through almost a full bale (roughly 20kg/40lb) since the beginning of June, these two love their hay!!

User is Offline IsabellaRobyn
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9/06/2012 1:23 PM
Not really got much to say but I wanted to pop my head in ! Feel like I haven't been around lately. That pic with the trolly is so cute!! Imagine a little bun size trolly!
I had to get up at 5.30am this morning for my first day of college. I now feel like my head is about to explode and die - and I need to get up at 5.30am AGAIN tomorrow!! I feel so bad for Belle being inside all day but at least she has a big pen to run in... :/
Night ladies (and gents)! xxx

User is Offline LBJ10
Bunny Name Master
Forum Leader
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9/06/2012 1:38 PM
I'm feeling really anxious and insecure today. I keep telling myself that I won't keep doing this to myself, stressing every time I interview for a job. Now comes the waiting and that is the worst. This will sound silly, but I keep checking my horoscope looking for a glimmer of hope. Something to put my mind at ease that things might work out this time.

I didn't have much to do today, just ran a few errands. The weekend is coming up. I don't have any plans. Does anyone have any interesting plans?

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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9/06/2012 1:59 PM
Been sick all week, but feeling better now. Just in time for a friends birthday weekend We have plans to go see a favorite local band tomorrow night, and she's getting a birthday tattoo done too. And then saturday is her birthday party at a local bar. Fun!

User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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9/06/2012 9:24 PM

Soooo I found that shirt at walmart.  hehe it was too cute to resist!  =P  I decided to make it into a purse!  =D  It's so cute.  I don't know how well it will work because I have never done this before but hopefully it holds up!  

User is Offline Roberta
Wanneroo, Western Australia
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9/06/2012 9:29 PM
[I decided to make it into a purse! =D It's so cute.]
Looks pretty good and certainly looks strong enough. You could always hand stitch in a lining if you wanted extra strength.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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9/07/2012 2:15 AM
Love the purse!! Very crafty!!
Proud to be a Bunny Hugger and a voice for the voiceless

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/07/2012 3:52 AM
Totally want that purse

User is Offline Mimzy
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9/07/2012 7:30 AM
Amy, cute purse! That's a great idea I agree with lining it with something if you want extra strength.

That pic with the bunny getting groceries is adorable xD I want to get a mini shopping cart now lol.

Well mimzy has her first vet checkup on Monday. I already have her spay appt set too later in the month. If something doesn't go right or I don't like the vet, I'm canceling her spat. But I really hope it works out because they have good prices! I called a ton of places & all of them were kind of expensive for me.
She hasn't been using her litter box anymore either hormones I guess.
& I noticed yesterday morning I filled up her bowl & by night time, she still had barely made a dent in it D: so I gave her some lettuce, she ate it & was acting normal. I think she's just bored of her pellets.
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User is Offline Skipper's Mama
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9/07/2012 1:38 PM
Mimzy Skipper's litter habits have flown out the window since her hormones have kicked up. >.< I have sympathy for you!

User is Offline Cristina
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9/07/2012 5:42 PM

Hey Everyone and Happy September!!!

I feel like I haven't been on here in ages! And really its only been a week or two. hehe I missed bunny chatting with everyone sooo much!!! I've been in a major depression and kinda checked out from everything. Except my buns of course! hehe I"m trying to pick myself back up though. *sigh*

LongHairedMike-OMG OMG OMG!! !I ADORE that commercial! How did you FIND that? I don't remember it at all but its sooo cute!!! I want a whole MOVIE like that! haha My mom works at a library and she found a bunny movie so she brought it home to surprise me., I think Toby and I are gonna cuddle up with it tonight and give Lie To Me a break! hehe

Michelle- hahaha Your comment cracked me up! I often block out my age too! Last time I was at the doctors he asked me how old I was and I said 22, no wait 24 oh wait, no 26! He was like, are you SURE? I had to count bahaha He probably thought I was a total idiot! I prefer to stay at "22" haha My Beatrix died almost 2 months ago. It's STILL super hard. I cried like a baby at 2 this morning because I missed her so much.l I'm glad to know i'm not the only one who does it still

Bumble Fly-hmmm TOTALLY gonna have to check out Disapproving Rabbits! I could use a good daily dose of it to perk me up! hehe

LittlePuffyTail= GREAT picture!!! hehe I haven't seen the Bunny Olympics. Are the photos here on Binky Bunny? That's hillarious! I'd love to see what people submitted!

Skipper'sMama- I LOVE the BBC Sherlock! It's the BEST in my opinion and I've seen every show and movie! I was a fan of Season 1 when it came out and was nervous that Season 2 woiuldn't live up to it, but it surpassed it by far! It gets better and better every time!

Mimzy- I adore that shirt!!! I haven't seen it at any of the Wal-Mart's around here. BOO!!! I'll have to see if maybe they have it online. It is way too cute!!

PeppyPoo-AHH!!! That is sooo priceless! And TOTALLY what a bunny would fill his basket with at the grocery store. hehe

I'm so glad I got on here tonight. It really cheered me up a lot and i missed everyone! Today Toby was cuddling on the couch with me and left me a present. And when I went to pick it up there were worms all over it. AHH!!! I totally freaked! I called the vet after hours and he is going in for his first appointment tomorrow. *sigh* I hope all goes well!

I think all the excitment and worrying wore me out! haha I am totally exhausted and am going to bed at 9:30 like the old lady that I am! haha Good night all and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


User is Offline Mimzy
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9/07/2012 10:57 PM
Cristina - Oh no I hope everything goes ok with Toby. Hopefully it will clear up really fast, I would freak out too!
Also, I'm sure that binky bunny could cheer anyone up, especially the september picture thread! So definitely keep checking in! The bunnies would love to cheer you up
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User is Offline Skipper's Mama
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9/08/2012 6:02 AM
Chrisrina I'm sure Toby will get better. =] I love Sherlock too! Then again I'm such a sucker for the BBC shows/movies in general. ;p

User is Offline Cristina
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9/08/2012 6:19 AM
Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone!

I am anxious to get Toby into the vet. One more hour to go. WHEW! I will be able to calm down then. On a side note, our air conditioning broke half way through the night. *face palm* I woke up at 9 am and it was already 84 degrees in the house. And we've been calling and can't get ahold of our AC guy. AHH!!! I am an already freaked out momma, and I have Bertie who just got neutered, Toby with worms, and Gus who is a wooly. Doing my best to keep them cool with ice packs but I'm going to try to drop them off at the library so they can get in the AC. When it rains it pours right? lol

Mimzy- Thank you! And you are sooo right! I LOVE the monthly picture thread. Sooo cute and a definite pick me up! hehe

Skipper- Me tooo!!! I watch Masterpiece theatre faithfully every Sunday night and usually watch it reair on Monday. haha Our faves are Poirot, Miss Marple, Inspector Lewis, Xen, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock.,

Well I am off to take a cold shower and try to keep these boys as cool as I can! I'll check in after I get Toby back from his vet appointment!


User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/08/2012 6:36 AM
Keep us updated about Toby!! (vibes)

User is Offline Hazel
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9/08/2012 11:46 AM

That's too bad about your AC, Cristina! I feel for you, two years ago ours broke during the summer (we live in the south!) and because of a million hoops we had to jump through with our home warranty it took about 6 weeks before it was fixed. We ended up buying a small portable AC/Heating unit at Home Depot. It was only strong enough to cool our bedroom though, so we had to basically live in there the entire time, with all our pets... It was pretty miserable.

I hope Toby gets better soon!

"You ain't buna fide!"

User is Offline Amys Animals
Southern California
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9/08/2012 11:50 AM
Yeah I love that purse! I can use it for just about anything! =)

OMG! I am in sooooo much pain! I haven't been posting too much because I just haven't been feeling up to it. I went to the dentist yesterday and they took x-rays...My bottom wisdom teeth have grown in sideways and partially under the gum. My right side has been hurting like realllllyyyy bad for the past week or so. I can't even sleep because it hurts so bad. The dentist said food is catching in there and it's probably getting infected and what not. =( Soooo he gave me antibiotics and motrin. I have to take those 3 times a day for 7 days. On top of it, I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled and I don't have insurance so it will cost an arm and a leg! =( They said I need all four pulled but I am only getting my bottom two pulled. I don't know when this is going to happen. All I know is I am in pain and can hardly eat and when I yawn it's the worst pain EVER! So I have been washing my mouth with mouth wash after everything I eat and hopefully the infection will go away. It sucks! I have never had to have antibiotics before (well maybe when I was reeeally young and don't remember) and I definitely have never had to be put under anesthesia. That's scary to me because my dad, sister, and brother have all woken up during procedures with anesthesia. =O I hope I am able to knock out and stay out during the procedure and hopefully I wake back up!!! ahhhh

User is Offline Bumble Fly
Cincinnati, Ohio
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9/08/2012 6:27 PM
@Amy's Animals - YIKES!! I'm thankful that my wisdom teeth didn't have to come out.... I remember staying doped up on Tylenol. You might want to try you some Tylenol PM to get you through until your surgery. Praying that all goes well for you with anesthesia! Keep us updated!

@Cristina- Poor Toby! I'm hoping it's easy to get rid of! I also hope your a/c gets fixed soon. That sounds SO stressful.

Ever since seeing that t-shirt I've become obsessed with looking for shirts with Rabbits on them! Here's a couple I've found:

T-shirt - BUNNY - Animal - Summer - Alternative Apparel - Rabbit Shirt - Small, Medium, Large, XL - ClothingRabbit Bow-knot Short Sleeve T-shirt $50.00 Flemish Giant Rabbit Tee ShirtThey've Come for Your Soul Womens Tshirt

Mens Winged RABBIT american apparel T Shirt S M L XL (16 Colos Available)

Bunnies - Unisex / Mens T-shirt Tee Shirt Cute Adorable Rabbit Bunny Rabbits Pink Love Heart Tshirt - Tri Black - S, M, L < For my lop lover friends!


Speaking of rabbit addiction, I had to create a new board dedicated to Bunnies on my pinterest. I feel like I'm going to end up being one of those crazy cat ladies except with bunnies.

I've been thinking about deleting my account and creating one with a new name, has that been done around here before?

Also, who else finds it amusing that it's the year of the Rabbit?!

Ollie has a new addiction of trying to drink my green tea.. Funny bunny. I have his neuter operation scheduled for the 17th of this month... Kinda anxious. I know I've only had him for a little over 3 months but I'm going to be so devastated if anything happens to him. Trying to stay positive. One thing that I hate about depression is I can never be happy in the now, it's like I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.


On a more positive note, I'm totally buying this ring : 


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